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How to ease your way out of strange situations.


Date Posted: 6/23/2013 1:05:16 PM

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What do you do when you bump into someone who says hi to you happily, yet you cannot remember ever meeting them, let alone place his or her name? The following are ways to navigate your way through such moments without embarassing yourself.

> You cannot remember the name:
Upon meeting a person whose name you cannot recall, the best way to act is to smile and nod. Hopefully, a flash of memory will hit you and may refer them by name. Do not frown or show that you do not know who the person is. If you still don't remember the person, end the meeting as quickly as possible.

> You get to a supermarket till and realize you forgot your purse:
If you get to a checkout counter in the supermarket with a full trolley and realize you don't have your wallet, avoid creating a scene. Turn the trolley back as though you are going to add more item explain your predicament to a shop attendant.

> You are asked to give an impromptu speech:
In case you are ambushed to give a speech or a vote of thanks or to pray at a meeting, do not decline as this will draw more attention to you. Take a deep breath, muster all the courage you can, and make it brief.

> You are subject of malicious gossip:
If someone brings a gossip about you, the situation can get worse if not handled properly. Whether you guilty or not, refuse to comment, and simply state 'I have no words.' This simple statement will neither implicate nor exonerate you, yet it will sound like a denial.

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