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Kenyans, we need each other for development to take place.


Date Posted: 8/10/2013 1:20:26 PM

Posted By: 29922738  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 455

For Kenya to realize her vision of becoming an industrialized country by the year 2030,then her inhabitants,we the citizens of Kenya,must start "walking their talk." We must say no to the few who want things to remain as they are,the far- famed as the status quo perpetrators.

Kenya needs result oriented and progressive people who can deliver in their professions and promises.Take for instance the many promises in the Jubilee manifesto,will the Jubilee government fulfill all its promises and prove to Kenyans that it is a saying and doing government?Or will it be like the past regimes which had much talk and less work?It is time that will judge them and all that we can do is wish them well as they work their way out in fulfilling their promises a midst numerous inevitable challenges.

Kenya,is endowed with numerous resources ,human as well as natural resources and yet it has for decades been ranked among the developing countries in the world.One will not stop wondering the reason why we continue to dawdle behind in development and what we need to do to come from this.

The world that we live in today has developed for itself sophisticated technology and it can't be better. All that Kenya needs now is to take the advantage and make the change it madly yearns for. The discovery of oil in Turkana ,gold in Migori and niobium,a rare mineral in the world,isn't that a great booster?

Corruption is a vice that has dragged Kenyan development in the past and despite the increased awareness to fight this vice,there are still a few loopholes in government institutions that encourage corruption.Unless we seal these few loopholes encouraging corruption then it will be a struggle to make an impact in development.

Kenya also needs to harness her rich human resource.Imagine

a situation where a Kenyan is educated by the Kenyan government only to end up working in a foreign country instead of developing our country simply because he/she will be paid a better salary in that foreign country compared to Kenya.Therefore Kenya needs to start focusing her attention in paying her human resource better salaries and remunerations.

Politicians in Kenya should give way to development and stop politicizing everything for their own personal benefits if Kenya has to move on.
Kenyans let's unite and build our beautiful nation.

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