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Give Kiswahili it's position in the society


Date Posted: 8/15/2013 12:45:58 AM

Posted By: Abudennis  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 840

Swahili is not diminishing as many of us would think or say. I could say that the speakers of it are the ones diminishing. It is like saying true love no longer exists. Which is also a lie! True love exists, only that people who are ready to practice the true love are the ones diminishing, and so is Swahili.

The Swahili language came about and spread wide due to its traditions and practices. If we throw away our African practices and traditions; then we are also throwing away Swahili; which is our African heritage. Personally; I so much love Swahili, I would advice we speak it fluently more just like any other language we know of.......This is because the biggest mistake most of people make about Swahili is how they speak it.

Some of us have been brought up under Swahili traditions and they have Swahili interference. This group of Swahili speakers is mainly found along the Kenyan coast and the vast Tanzania and Zanzibar countries. The kind of Swahili spoken in Zanzibar for example is very different from the kind of Swahili spoken in Kenya mainland. The other group of us is the group that has had the modern life interference of sheng, a slang commonly used among the urban youths. A third kind of Swahili speakers are those that went to school and were taught Swahili to know, keep and speak it. This is also the group that either currently teaches, still learns or uses Swahili in one way or another as an earner.
We just have to love the language and speak it correctly; it too shall love us back.

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