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Don't dwell on fashion, it changes so fast


Date Posted: 9/1/2013 9:29:10 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

Most people tend to dwell so much on fashion and trying to catch up with it. This is very tiring and people who are lovers of fashion end up spending so much of their time and money on it. It is good to be trendy and pretty but it is also good to know that nothing and especially fashion is not constant and it continues to change year in year out. Significant amount of money is spent by ladies on clothes, shoes and handbags unlike what men spend on their dressing. The variation in dressing trends between men and women is so big that most men tend to feel that women worry so much about clothing than anything else.

What I have realized is that most of the things that were trendy in the early days are coming back to be fashionable today, some of the clothes that our parents hustled so hard to get in order to be trendy are what the youths are spending so much to get. When I was growing up, my mum used to wear chiffon tops and they were fashionable then and not very long ago the chiffon tops were being sold in Nairobi at very high prices and this seemed crazy because when I told my mother about the chiffon tops she told me that we are spending so much on those tips yet they were there in their days and they didn't cost as much. The same to doll shoes, they were there even before but nobody paid attention to them but nowadays they are considered to be the in thing and I believe 95 percent of women have more than a pair of doll shoes in their closets. Despite the fact that they are light and really easy to maintain I believe

some people just wear them because they are in fashion but not because of the advantages attached to them. I am very certain that ones they are replaced by another type of shoes nobody will love them because of their advantages but they will quickly switch to the new type of shoes.

I don’t really know what comes to fashion for men because they don’t change their clothing as much as the women and even if there are new products in male clothing shops, the difference is very slight that you rarely notice. I tend to believe that men are simple and that they don’t complicate their wardrobes as much as women. This is because women have clothes for every occasion but men only dwell on two occasions casual and official wear and this is really economic. The manner in which men dress has not changed much over the years it is the labels that simply changes from one to another but the designs are similar and I believe that this is the reason why men’s clothes are very expensive, there is no variety and so those who sell those clothes have to make up for what they could otherwise get from selling women’s clothes.

Since time immemorial women have always wanted to have a handbag and a pair of shoes that matches their outfits and it is for this reason that most shops sell clothes together with all the accessories plus shoes and handbags. This makes it easier for the buyer to get the same colour or even matching colours all at ones instead of moving from shop to shop trying to have a complete look. At the same time this makes it harder for women to watch their spending because ones they have seen the complete look it becomes harder to let go of either the accessories or the handbag or even the shoes and this is very costly. Marketers and designers have had their grip in the fashion industry and they are more than willing to get even the last cent from their buyers because their main aim is to get more sales and to get profit from any product that they sell. This makes it the best business in growing towns in urban areas because most people are working and so they can sell these products to them at whatever price.

The sad part is that nobody can predict fashion and this makes it harder for people to know what will come in the next season so that they can buy them in advance. It would even be beneficial to predict fashion so that people can save up their clothes from the previous designs in order for them to wear them once again when they are in fashion. Trying to keep up with fashion is such hard work and it requires the string willed or those with heavy pockets because no ordinary person with ordinary means can handle the stress that comes with fashion and trends. The worst part is that fashion changes so fast that before you have your hand on it, it is gone and something else is in, I believe that designers are really able to keep buyers on toes so that they don’t lose their marketability. Every year there’s more than one trendy look to have for the ladies and for the kids but fortunately the men seem to rather very lucky because they have to maintain their look and not be judged.

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