Secondary Level Biology Form 1  Question Paper

Exam Name: Biology Form 1 

Course: Secondary Level


Exam Year:2010

Nile Road Secondary School
Form 1 Biology CAT 1 Term 2

1. What is a cell (1mk)

2. Name two devices that are used for magnifying objects in Biology (2mks)

3. What are the differences between a light microscope and and electron microscope (3mks)

4. State the functions of the following parts of a light microscope (3mks)
a. Revolving nose piece
b. Condenser
c. Stage

5. Define the term classification (1mk)

6. Give reasons why we should classify organisms (4mks)

7. Name the seven levels of classification (3mks)

8. Give reasons why organisms that do not belong to the same species cannot interbreed (2mks)

9. Give two major differences between plants and animals (2mks)

10. Explain the meaning of the term Binomial Nomenclature (2mks)

11. State any three characteristics of the kingdom monera (3mks)

12. Give the differences between monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants (5mks)

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