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Colleges and Universities Offering Certificate in Graphic Design(Graphic Design) in Kenya

  • Course Name: Certificate in Graphic Design(Graphic Design)
  • Major Subject: Graphic Design
  • Course Category: Certificate
  • Average Study Duration: 1 Year

Colleges Offering Certificate in Graphic Design(Graphic Design)

  • Excel Global College Excel Global College, Nairobi  
    Course Study Duration: 4 Weeks
    Fees: Ksh. 10,000

    Course Outline

    1. Adobe In Design CS6 Course Outline
    Introduction To The Workspace
    Getting To Know In Design
    Setting Up A Document And Working With Pages
    Working With Objects
    Flowing Text
    Working With Color
    Working With Styles
    Importing And Modifying Graphics
    Creating Tables
    Working With Transparency
    Editing Text
    Working With Typography
    Exporting For E-Readers
    Working With Long Documents
    Printing and Exporting
    Creating Adobe PDF Documents With Form Fields

    2. Photoshop CS6 Course Outline
    Getting To Know The Work Area
    Basic Photo Corrections
    Working With Selections
    Layer Basics
    Correcting And Enhancing Digital Photographs
    Masks And Channels
    Typographic Design
    Working With 3D Images
    Preparing Files For The Web
    Producing And Printing Consistent Color
    Vector Drawing Techniques
    Advanced Compositing
    Editing Video

    3. Adobe Illustrator Course Outline
    A Quick Tour Of Adobe Illustrator CS6
    Getting To Know The Work Area
    Selecting And Aligning
    Creating And Editing Shapes
    Transforming Objects
    Drawing With The Pen And Pencil Tools
    Color And Painting
    Working With Type
    Working With Layers
    Working With Perspective Drawing
    Blending Colors And Shapes
    Working With Brushes
    Applying Effects
    Applying Appearance Attributes And Graphic Styles
    Working With Symbols
    Combining Illustrator CS6 Graphics With Other Adobe Applications

    4. Corel Draw Course Outline

    (i)Getting started with Corel Draw
    Introduction To Corel Draw
    Features Of Corel Draw
    Corel Draw Interface
    Tool Box
    Moving From Adobe Illustrator To Corel Draw
    Common Tasks
    (ii) Drawing and Coloring
    Selecting Objects
    Creating Basic Shapes
    Reshaping Objects
    Organising Objects
    Applying Color Fills And Outlines

    (iii) Mastering with Text
    Text Tool
    Artistic And Paragraph Text
    Formatting Text
    Embedding Objects Into Text
    Wrapping Text Around Object
    Linking Text To Objects

    (iv) Applying Effects
    Power Of Blends
    Contour Effects
    Lens Effects
    Creating Depth Effects
    Power Clips
    Common Tasks

    (v) Working with Bitmap Commands
    Working With Bitmaps
    Editing Bitmaps
    Applying Effects On Bitmaps
  • VisualDo Institute of Photography VisualDo Institute of Photography, Nairobi  
    Course Outline/Lessons Offered:

    History of Graphic Design
    Fundamentals of Design
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Indesign
    Corel Draw
    Printing & Packaging
    Starting a Graphic Design Business
    Professional Portfolio

    Course Duration: 2 Months

    Fees Payable: KES 35,000

    Requirements for Admission:

    Non-refundable application fee Ksh2000.
    Application form (Can be filled at our admission office or at our website online).
    1 Passport size photo
    High School Leaving Certificate or Letter of recommendation.
    Pay all the term school fees or atleast 60%.
    Copy of National Identity Card or Birth Certificate.
  • Africa Digital Media Institute Africa Digital Media Institute, Nairobi  
    Course Duration: Part-time evening – 1 Semester

    Tuition fee: Ksh 45,000 (EA) & Ksh 54,000 (International) per term

    Course outline:
    Professionals seeking to develop advanced graphic design skills can choose from the following 3 graphic design certificate programmes.
    1. Level 1
    -Graphic Design & Illustration – Illustrator
    -Visual Communications – Photoshop

    2. Level 2
    -Print & Digital Media Publication – Indesign
    -Branding for the 21st Century

    3. Level 3
    -Web Design
    -Motion Graphics and Interactive Media
  • College of Advanced Technology, CAT College of Advanced Technology, CAT, Nairobi  
    Course content.
    (i) Digital Photography and Editing.

    (ii) Techniques and Graphics Design project.

    (iii) Principles of Graphic Design.

    (iv) Principles of Graphic Design.

    (v) Linear Editing using PageMaker.

    (vi) 2D illustration using Illustrator.

    (vii) Vector Design using CorelDRAW.

    (viii) Image editing using Adobe Photoshop.

    Fees ksh.15,000

    3 months
  • Zalego Institute Zalego Institute, Westlands  
    The course will introduce you to the history of design and design principles before progressing to Industry standard software tools including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Design Software as Services.

    Duration: 4 weeks

    Fees: 180 USD

    Course Highlights:
    1. Understand Principles and Basic Elements of Design
    2. Learn Industry Standard Software Tools
    3. Learn the Business aspects of Design
  • The New Dimension College The New Dimension College, Nairobi  
    Duration :one month
    Fees:Ksh 2500
    Exam body:Internal

    Corel Draw:
    Duration:1 one month
    Fees:Ksh 3500
    Exam body:internal

    Duration :1 month
    Fees:Ksh 3500
    Exam body:internal

    Duration:1 month
    Fees :Ksh 4000
    Exam body:internal

    Duration:1 month
    Fees :Ksh 3000
    Exam body:internal

  • Cornerstone Training Institute  Cornerstone Training Institute , Nairobi  
    Page maker


    Adobe in design

    image Ready

    Corel Draw

    Photoshop CS


    Fees :Ksh 10000
    Single @ 2500
    Duration :2 months
  • Keiway Mining and Technology College Main Campus Keiway Mining and Technology College Main Campus, Kilifi  
    Course: Certificate in Graphics Design and Print
    Course Duration: 6 Months (2 Terms)
    Exam: City & Guilds (2 Modules)
    Minimum Entry Requirements: D- (Minus) or Equivalent
    Tuition Fees: Ksh 12,000 per Term
  • Star College of Management Studies Star College of Management Studies, Nairobi  
    Courses Covered:
    - Microsoft Windows
    - Adobe Illustrator
    - Adobe Photoshop
    - Adobe Pagemaker
    - Corel Draw
    - Email & Internet
    Course Duration: 4 Months.
    Fees: Ksh. 14,000.
  • Paragon College Paragon College, Mombasa  
    Duration: 3 Weeks Each

    Modules Overview:
    - Coral Draw
    - Adobe Page Maker
    - Adobe Photo Shop
    - Adobe Page Maker
    - Ms. Publisher
  • Nairobi Institute of Software Development Nairobi Institute of Software Development, Nairobi  
    -Adobe Photoshop
    -Corel Draw

    Tuition fee: Ksh. 1500

    Duration: 1 month per module
  • Kenya Institute of Professional Studies Kenya Institute of Professional Studies, Nairobi  
    Adobe pagemaker

    Duration :12 months
    Fees:Ksh 2300 each
  • Christian Industrial Training Centre Christian Industrial Training Centre, Nairobi  
    Module I,II

    Duration: 6 Months per module

    Minimum entry requirements: KCSE Minimum D

    Exam Body: KNEC,NITA
  • Institute of Applied Technology Institute of Applied Technology, Nairobi  
    -Corel Draw x7
    -Adobe Illustrator CS7
    -Adobe Photoshop CS7
    -Adobe In Design CS7
    -Microsoft Publisher
  • Serein Education Centre Serein Education Centre, Nakuru  
    Exam Body: Serein Education Centre.
    Fees per month: 1,000.
    Course duration: 3 months.
    Entry requirements: open.
  • Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development, Nairobi  
    Duration: 9 weeks

    Tuition fee: ksh. 25,000

    Course content: Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator
  • Eastgulf College Eastgulf College, Sultan Hamud  
    Duration :3 months
    Fees:Ksh 8000

  • Cascade Institute of Hospitality Cascade Institute of Hospitality, Thika  
    Entry requirements : OPEN

    Duration : 3 months (1 term)

    Tuition Fees : 15,000
  • Berea Christian College For Integrated Studies Berea Christian College For Integrated Studies, Nakuru  
    Mode of study: 3 hours per session

    Course duration: 2 months

    Examination body: CSK
  • Epren College of Professional Studies Epren College of Professional Studies, Syokimau  
    Modules Overview:
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
    Corel Draw
    Adobe Indesign
  • Wondrous College of Professional Studies Wondrous College of Professional Studies, Buru Buru  
    Course Content:
    - MS Publisher.
    - CorelDraw.
    - Adobe Illustrator.
    - Adobe Photoshop.
  • Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology, Thika  
    Course study duration: 3 months.
    Entry requirements: KCSE mean grade of D+ (plus).
  • Intraglobal Training Institute Kisii Intraglobal Training Institute Kisii, Kisii  
    Duration: one year
    Entry requirement:KCSE D plain
    Fee per term:ksh 10500
  • The Aberdare Institute of Management The Aberdare Institute of Management, Karatina  
    Duration: 4 months

    Fees: Ksh. 20,000
  • Highlands State College Highlands State College, Nairobi  
    Duration: 1 month

    Fees: Ksh. 2500 per Package
  • Compaq Computer College Compaq Computer College, Githurai  
  • COBO School of Business Studies COBO School of Business Studies, Mombasa  
    Duration: 4 months
  • Arena Arts Multimedia College Arena Arts Multimedia College, Nairobi  
    Exam Body: Internal
  • Starwan Technical Institute Starwan Technical Institute, Thika  
    Duration: 4 Months
  • Star Institute of Professionals Star Institute of Professionals, Mombasa  

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Universities Offering Certificate in Graphic Design(Graphic Design)

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