Secondary Level Geography Form 1  Question Paper

Exam Name: Geography Form 1 

Course: Secondary Level


Exam Year:2010

Nile Road Secondary School
Form 1 Geography CAT 1 Term 2 Year 2010

a. Define the following terms
i. Geography (2mks)
ii. Environment (2mks)

b. Identify two main branches of geography and explan their difference (4mks)

c. Explain five importance of studying geography in school (5mks)

a. Explain the relationship between geography and the following discipline
i. Mathematics (2mks)

ii. Medicine (2mks)

iii. History (2mks)

i. What is the solar system (2mks)
ii. Name any four planets found in the solar system (4mks)

a. Describe the origin of the earth according to Nebular cloud theory (5mks)

b. Give five proofs that the earth is spherical (5mks)

a. Give three effects of the rotation of the earth (3mks)
b. State the difference between meteors and meteorites (2mks)

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