Form 1 English Question Paper

Form 1 English 


Institution: Form 1 question papers

Exam Year:2010

Nile Road Secondary School
Form 1 English

Late one night a foolish man ________ woken up by a terrible noise ________ the street outside his house. It ________ as if a terrible fight was going ________ and as the foolish man loved nothing better ________ to watch a fight in the street, he ________ his window and looked ________. He say two men ________ just outside his front door ________ when they saw him watching ________ they went round the corner of the house and continued to shout at each other and to hit one another.


Rewrite the following sentences following the instructions given after each. Do not change the meaning (4mks)
i. I am now believing your story (rewrite in correct grammar)
ii. Johnson will be here (turn this sentence into a question)
iii. Peter bought lunch for me (rewrite this sentence without using for)
iv. I will finish this work today (turn the sentence into a negative sentence)

Punctuate the following sentences correctly (3mks)

i. We study Math English History Agriculture and Kiswahili
ii. Mrs Thairu our class teacher also teaches us biology
iii. I called the police and they arrived at the scene in record time

Fill in the blank spaces in the following sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets (5mks)
i. He ________ (cling) to the side of the capsized boat.
ii. Jane ________ (leap) with joy after receiving the good news.
iii. The bell was ________ (ring) earlier than usual today.
iv. How many sums have been ________ (omit)
v. I found Karanja ________ (dye) his jeans.

Identify the noun phrases in the following sentences (3mks)
i. Hundreds of refugees have camped at the border
ii. Failing to do your homework means detention after school.
iii. A group of women started talking in the meeting.

Rewrite the following sentences changing the words in brackets into an adverb. Place it in the most suitable position.

i. The guest speaker left the school (in a hurry)

ii. I go to the library (daily)

iii. I told the teacher the book was torn (by accident)

Rewrite the following sentences in direct speech (2mks)

i. I told her that I didn't have any money

ii. The manager said that the refugee girl had completed her training

Underline the word pronounced differently in each set below (5mks)

i. hour,our,your

ii. hate,ate,eight


iv. year,here,hear


You like a particular dish at a dinner. Tell the host or the hostess how much you have enjoyed it. Write down the way in which you could express yourself politely. (2mks)

List down three bad silent reading habits (3mks)


Write two paragraphs about your favourite science subject. Briefly describe the subject and give reasons why you like it. (10mks)

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