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History And Government August Holiday Assignment Form 1 Term 2 2017 Question Paper

History And Government August Holiday Assignment Form 1 Term 2 2017 

Course:History And Government

Institution: Form 1 question papers

Exam Year:2017


FORM 1 TERM 2 2017
1. This paper consists of 3 set of questions.
2. Students MUST answer ALL the questions in their History and Government Holiday Assignment Book.
3. The respective subject teachers will check the work at the start of Term 3, 2017.
4. Failure by a student to hand in his work at the stipulated time will attract a disciplinary action.

1. Define ‘National Integration’.
2. How is national integration important to development?
3. Explain steps taken by the Kenyan Government to promote national integration since independence.
4. Name four symbols of national unity in Kenya.
5. Explain the factors that promote national unity in Kenya.
6. Explain the factors that limit/undermine national unity in Kenya.
7. Distinguish between ‘Racism and Tribalism’?
8. How does the Kenyan constitution promote national unity?
9. What is conflict resolution?
10. Outline the causes of conflicts.
11. What are methods of solving a conflict?
12. State the levels of conflicts.
13. Identify peaceful ways of resolving conflicts.
14. Describe the steps to be followed when mediating a conflict.
15. Identify the violent methods of conflict resolution.
16. Explain the peaceful methods of resolving conflicts.

1. Define the following terms:
• Nation
• National
• Integration
2. Define the term ‘Conflict’.
3. Identify the steps to be followed when negotiating a conflict.
4. Outline the procedures to follow when arbitrating a conflict.
5. Identify the reasons why companies prefer arbitration as a method of conflict resolution.
6. What are the general steps to follow when a solving a conflict?
7. What method was used to resolve the conflict in Kenya after the disputed presidential election of 2007?
8. Give the four agendas of Koffi Annan in the resolution of the Post Election Violence of 2007?

2000 PP.1 Q.14
State one way in which the Kenyan constitution promotes national unity. (1mk)
2002 PP. 1 Q.12
Give one way through which the education system in Kenya promotes national unity. (1mk)
2002 PP.1 Q.7
Give one way in which rural to rural migration in Kenya contributes to national unity.
2005 PP.1 Q.23
(a) Give three symbols of national unity. (3mks)
(b) Explain six factors which undermine national unity in Kenya. (12mks)
2006 PP.1 Q.6
Identify two peaceful ways of resolving conflicts. (2mks)
2006 PP.1 Q 14
Give two reasons why corruption is being discouraged in Kenya.
2010 PP.1 Q 15
Identify two symbols of national unity in Kenya. (2mks)
2011 PP.1 Q.6
Give the meaning of the term “National Integration”. (1mk)
2012 PP.1 Q9
Give two ways in which education has promoted national unity in Kenya. (2mks)
2014 PP. 1 Q.6
Give one economic factor that promotes national unity in Kenya. (1mk)
2015 PP.1 Q.7
Give two peaceful methods of resolving conflicts in Kenya. (2mks)


History And Government August Holiday Assignment Form 1 Term 2 2017 question paper

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