Form 2 Chemistry Question Paper

Form 2 Chemistry 


Institution: Form 2 question papers

Exam Year:2012

TIME: 2 Hrs

Attempt all the question in the question in the spaces provided
All the working must be clearly shown where appropriate.
Negligence will be penalized.
1.The table below shows some information concerning partials of certain elements.
Element Atomic number Number of electrons Mass Number
P 19 18 39
Q 8 8 16
R 9 10 18

The number of neutrons of the above elements (3 mks)
The percentage of the number of neutrons of o the above elements (3 mks)
What is the electronic configurations of the above elements (3 mks)
From the electronic configuration identify the group of the above elements (1mk)
Explain why the elements are classified as unreactive (1mk)

2. Both sodium and potassium are alkaline metals.
a) What are alkaline metals ( 1 mk)
b) Explain why the atomic radius of sodium is smaller than that of potassium
c) Give three uses of sodium (3 mks)

3. The pH value of some solution was given as 2, 6, 14, 8, and 7. Identify the pH value of
a strong acid (1 mk)
a weak acid ( 1 mk)
a strong base (1 mk)
a weak base ( 1 mk)
a neutral solution (1 mk)
Differentiate between a cation and anion (2 mks)
Describe the method you can use to separate ethanol and water (3 mks)
Water is known to be pure by two criteria. State the two criteria (2 mks)
Using crosses draw the electronic arrangement of sulphur (s=16) (3 mks)
Using the kinetic theory of matter explain why a liquid changes to gas when heated (2 mks)
Explain why a round bottomed flask is used for substance in the laboratory. (2 mks)
The atomic number of phosphorus, sulphur and potassium are 15, 16 and 19 respectively.
Write the formula of their ions (3mks)
The above ions have the same number of elements. Write the election arrangement for the ions (1 mk)
Explain why the reactivity of metals increases down the group while that of halogens decreases down the group (1 mk)

4.Consider the diagram below.

Identify the mistake in the experiment (2 mks)
State the use of
Cold water (1 mk)
Glass beads (1 mk)
Thermeter (1 mk)
Name liquid A (1 mk)
Why is it advisable to use iron in making steam boiler (2 mks)
Determine the atomic mass of the following elements whose isotopic mix decor in proportions given (3 mks)
Element Y

(_18^36)Y (0. 34%) (_18^38)Y (0.06%) and (_18^40)Y (99.6%)
Explain in 3 (a) above (1 mk)
Give the definition of the term isotope (2 mks)
Write a word and a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between the following substances.
Sodium and water ` (2 mks)
Potassium hydroxide and dilute sulphuric acid ( 2 mks)
Give one use of chlorine (1mk)
Study the set up and answer the questions that fellow

Name gas X
Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction liberating gas X (2 mks)
Why is it not advisable to use calcium in this method of preparing gas X ( 2mks)
Name another compound that could serve the same purpose of anhydrous calcium chloride ( 1 mk)
What is the purpose of anhydrorous calcium chloride ( 1 mk)
Name the method used to collect gas X . Give the property of the gas that enables it to be collected by the above method. ( 2 mks)
Give one use of gas X

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