Agriculture Form One Term One Question Paper

Agriculture Form One Term One 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Mock question papers

Exam Year:2012

1. Define the following terms
a. Floriculture
b. Pamalogy
c. Olericulture
d. Apiculture
e. Aquaculture
2. Outline the biotic factors that influence agriculture 5marks
3. State the farming methods that help to reduce the effects of water shortage 5marks
4. What factors bring about the variation of temperature in different areas 5marks
5. Kenya can be divided into three ecological zones according to altitude namely
6. What is soil 2marks
7. Define weathering 2marks
8. Name the physica agents of weathering 4marks
9. Define a soil profile 2marks
10. Outline the horizoner of a soil profile 4marks
11. Give five effects of wind in agriculture 5marks
12. State the human factors influencing agriculture 2marks
13. What are field crops 2marks
14. Give three examples of field crops 3marks
15. Outline the farming systems found in kenya 4marks
16. Outline the advantages of mixed farming 6marks
17. What is shifting cultivation 2marks
18. Where is shifting cultivation applicable 4marks 4marks
19. Define the term organic farming 2marks
20. Outline the disadvantages of shifting cultivation 6marks
21. What aspects should a farmer consider when deciding a crop to grow in terms of rainfall 4marks
22. Name two factors that influence soil formation 2marks
23. Outline the branches of livestock farming 4marks
24. Outline the advantages of large scale farming 4marks
25. What are the benefits of agro-forestry 4marks
26. According to light duration plants can be classified into three main categories namely 3marks

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