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How the boy child has been abandoned


Date Posted: 1/30/2018 7:04:32 AM

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How the boy child has been abandoned

Raising a child whether it is a boy or a girl starts right from the womb. A good seed needs fertile soil to grow in and be established. But when we look at the boy child today, most of the time we are disappointed at what we see. This is because the boy child has been abandoned and left behind by the girl child since the time of Beijing. There is the over protection of the girl child and no protection of the boy child. In case of hardship in a family the boy child is told to drop out of school so as start earning for the family. In case a single mother finds a husband, the new husband accepts the girl child but does not want to accept the boy child since the girl will one day get married but the boy child will one day want an inheritance and so the boy child is taken to their grandmothers to be raised by them. We are slowly losing the boy child in our society, and these are the reasons:
Absentee fathers are contributing so much on this. God planned for a family to be raised by two people. If there is only one parent, there will be a deficiency in bringing up a child. In the case of boys, a father figure is needed in order to set the pace for the boy; otherwise he will not be well prepared for the life ahead.

This is another reason that brings problems into a boy child’s life. This irresponsibility may come about because may be the father himself did not get a good upbringing. And so the father lacks the skills and the seriousness needed to raise his own boy.


Bad behavior like getting drunk, mistreating the boy’s mother knowing very well how the boy child is attached to their mothers, using vulgar language in front of the boy is a very bad mistake. So the mother thinks to herself, my boy is taking alcohol, for example, but how do I solve this since the father has the same behavior? Another example is when a preacher raises his children in church, but when they grow up they refuse anything to do with religion. It is because the parents did not set a good example for their children to follow. Maybe they were preaching water and taking wine as the saying goes. A child observes and learns from even the smallest of actions. To confirm this, just try a new simple behavior before a child and you will find them emulating you. They watch every behavior in detail and then they practice what they have learnt when they grow up.

There is no mentorship of the boy child because they are thought to be strong. People think that they don’t need any guidance and been taken care of. For example a girl child is given so much advice such as what time to get to get home, not to play with boys, and so on because they are thought of as vulnerable, but the boy is not given any kind of advice. A boy is even told that they should be strong and they are not supposed to cry, so they hamper all the pain inside only for it to be a problem when they become grownups, some of them becoming drunkards because they don’t know the way forward. There should be programs in school for counseling boys in school, just like the way girls are counseled. Elders should also go back to the olden days where they used to counsel the boys and start doing it again. Their mentorship is very valuable.

Truth is the boy child is lost, they don’t know what is expected of them, neither do they know what their responsibilities are. A boy child becomes a man and a father when they grow up. So if we take good care of them, we are taking care of their future. Let us raise brave and responsible boys and they will provide security for their families in future and raise up responsible boys as well.

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