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Best guide on how to write good articles


Date Posted: 7/18/2018 5:10:21 PM

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Best guides on how to write good articles

These are the best guideline on how to write good articles,they include:

1.Read as much reading materials as possible
Ensure you read as many reading materials as possible as these will make you gain more skills and knowledge about writing as possible.these involves reading many books,many articles,many newspaper and magazine and many novels from different writers and author as possible.
2.Put into your mind that you will succeed in becoming a good writer

Always have perceptions that you will succeed in your writing.Even when you don’t know how to write better always continue doing so to your best and at the end of results you will become the greatest.

3.Accept critism and know how to receive feedbackYou should also note that not all you write will empress all your readers as some will criticize you greately,these means that you should accept both applause and critism.Ensure you include a feedback section in your written article or writing book so that people can give feedback’s and suggestion’s from what they have read from your articles.Feedback sections should contain your contact telephone number,your email or your social network contacts.

You should consider writing as your passion as by doing so you will be continuously writing even when you are bored.By having passion in writing you can write always or on daily basis without getting tired,by doing these always then more creative thoughts will be generating and flowing to your mind once and every day.These will make your writing experience to be better and better to the best.

5.Know which language to use
Ensure you know which language to use in your writing.This will depend on the number of audience you want to reach them.|You can use english language encase those who are to read your book understand english or

when you want other language readers to read your book then you can consider translating your book to those language’s.

6.Avoid writing shallow materials but dig deeper
As a writer,you should not write shallow materials but ensure that you dig deeper by writing great content.These means that you should write contents which is understood or flows smoothly from start to the end.Ensure you research greatly incase you don’t know much about the content your are about to write.

7.Concentrate on your writing
Ensure you concentrate on your writing or on what you write as this will make you come up with greatest content since some distructions along your writing will make you lose or forget some thought you could have inserted in your article or book as you were writing.

8.Use clear language grammar
Ensure you use clear language grammar by spelling words correctly and using correct vocabulary in your article or book.Two or more languages should not be included in your article or book and incase those languages are must to be included in some part of the sentences then consider translating them for the reader not to be confused along when reading.

9.Check on paragraph
Check all your paragraphs to ensure that every paragraph’s makes sense and one paragraph lead or slow smoothly to the next paragraph for your writing to be great.Avoid mixing of paragraphs as they will make your writing not to make sense.

10.Good title and description
When writing the title and description part,ensure it is catchy and attractive so that reader will be interested to read your writing.The title and descriptions part should not be misleading,ensure what you write at the title or descriptions is what readers will get when reading your writing.
11. Write things which reflect society
When writing ensure you write things which are happening or occurring within the society as readers will take seriously on your writing,unless it is fictions where you can add or include imaginary details in your writing as part of boosting your writing.

12.Avoid copy pasting
Ensure what you write is your own thought,feel and suggestion’s and that you have not copied from other sources.By writing your own thought often,then your writing will improve greately from better to the best.

13.Know duration’s for your writing
Ensure you know the number of hours or days when your writing will start and end so that you don’t spend more duration’s on your writing.These will enable you to also concentrate on other matters as well.

14.Take some break after completing your writing
After you have completed or finishes your writing,take some breaks to reflect about your writing on whether it make sense or not.You can go through to check on the errors in it such as checking on spelling errors,language errors,paragraph errors and flow of information’s errors.Once satisfied then you can release your writing to readers.

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