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How to quit cigarettes by being mentally strong


Date Posted: 7/27/2018 4:43:33 AM

Posted By: musilujo  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3081

You can quit cigarette smoking. I am telling you this because I know and I have done it. Cigarettes are made to be addictive. The nicotine contained in cigarettes is addictive and can keep you hooked on cigarettes. Cigarettes are a major cause of deaths in our society today. Lung cancer is mostly as result of cigarette smoking. Cigarettes can make you perform poorly in physical exercises and they can spoil relationships between loved ones. Cigarettes can be costly. Cigarettes can affect breathing negatively.

Firstly, when you are trying to quit you need a strong why. Quitting cigarettes has to be important to you, it might be reclaiming your health, reclaiming your relationships and so on. This could also mean acceptance of the bad effects of the habits of smoking.

Afterwards you try and seek ways of quitting the habit. Myself I would talk to colleagues who quit the habit and they would advise on reducing daily intake slowly till one is able quit. I would read on articles and some encourage on nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, seeking rehabilitation, reduction of daily intake of cigarettes.

One of the ways I would increase my motivation to quit was constant research on the disadvantages of cigarette smoking. Health risks would frighten me. Some of them would include smokers foot where one leg could be paralyzed, the pictures of a smokers lung were somewhat frightening, not to mention heart disease. Each time I would want to light a cigarette the mental image of the effects would come and I would be forced to refrain. The “why?” is very important in quitting cigarettes. It is important in doing anything in life. My relationships were also going down the drain and cigarette smoking was one of the causes. I needed to keep those relationships especially family relations

hence I had to quit. My health as well as the health of others around me mattered and that even motivated me more.

I decided to go with the advice of my colleagues and reduced daily intake. I reduced it to the point where one day I decided to be mentally strong and take back my freedom from nicotine addiction. Each time I would feel the need to smoke I would ask myself why I decided to quit and of course the why was much bigger and I would refrain from smoking. I stopped hanging out with smokers to avoid temptations. After a couple of weeks I experienced changes in my body that made me even never want to smoke again. I became active physically, my breathing changed and improved dramatically, my skin also changed and I also got complements from my colleagues.

It is easy to quit cigarette smoking. A strong mind can stop one from smoking without even assistance from nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes and so on. If it is difficult seek help.

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