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Comparison Between Engineering and Medicine Course in Kenya


Date Posted: 12/27/2018 4:00:00 AM

Posted By: silvanx24  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 32

Many people, after excelling in their secondary school examination, have a difficult time choosing between medicine and engineering. It would be impossible to do both courses at once and also expensive to do one after the other, so a sacrificial decision would have to be made between the two. Both courses are expensive to do but the fruit would be very sweet.
Both courses have their good and bad sides. Lets take a look.
This is one of the most feared courses among secondary school students as it requires an extensive application of Biology. The terms are not only hard to understand and memorize but also too many. Just imagine memorizing all parts of your body. People also fear the part of the course where they have to deal with dead bodies. On the positive side, due to the few number of doctors in Kenya, finding a job as a doctor would be very easy. After pursuing the degree in medicine, one would be required to study masters in order to be able to specialize in areas such as surgery.
Engineering is the application of practical knowledge in order to build and maintain structures. Engineering is generally about developing old ideas and creating new ones. There are very many engineering areas out there ranging from electronics engineering to mechanical engineering and even a combination of the two in mechatronics engineering. There are more than 150 different types of engineering areas with each varying in its own way.
INCOME: Engineers earn a lot of money as compared to

general doctors. But that changes once doctors have specialized in a certain area such as being a neurosurgeon. The salary increases significantly leaving engineers looking on.

JOBS: Engineering jobs are easy to find because of the world's mechanization in recent years but this has led in flooding of engineers in the job making finding jobs much harder than before. On the other hand finding a job as a doctor is very easy due to the shortage of doctors in kenya most especially. You will find that doctors trek for only a few days before being employed.

STUDY: Studying medicine will require one to sacrifice much if not all of their social life. Medicine is a very demanding course requiring patience and a lot of time in order to be able to memorize the terms and to understand them properly. Engineering also requires a lot of time to study but not as much as medicine requires.

DIFFICULTIES: Studying both courses would be incredibly expensive to be self sponsored but everything requires sacrifice if one is to achieve their goals in life.

All in all, both courses are very good and pay a lot but each has its own challenges. It now all comes down to one's own personal goals and what one wants to achieve.

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