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How to master anything through learning.


Date Posted: 12/27/2018 7:48:40 AM

Posted By: Lewix  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: -148

In the grave we do not need air, sun, moon, stars, water, education... name them. Why? In the kingdom of the dead, we talk about absence of life.

One thing that will remain just as true as day and night, is human need for learning. Life is an extended school. We all are the students of nature and we manage our world through the knowledge we gather over time.

Learning is a process that requires consistency and patience. Our brain is wired in a manner that dictates how it is going to receive and store information.
Some people can learn faster than others. However, the following are the steps to effective learning:

Making mistakes;

In life and in education, you must make mistakes. No one has ever done his best through the first attempt. Even the apps that we so relish in our current world get updated over and over again. Mistakes should be your friend in the journey to education. It only means you are learning something.


Imagination is real but having an idea over a certain thing may lead to a better results when it comes to learning about it. Our human nature proves that we are creatures who go by likes and dislikes...once you like something, however complicated it can be, your brain will figure out how to deal with it till it sticks. At some point for you to learn something new, it must be interesting. It is about feeling, how you feel once you know everything about it.


Generally the brain responds positively to the things that impresses us and the vise versa is also true. Growing your positive attitude is just so easy as putting one foot ahead of the other and repeating the process. If you get into a

task believing that you will accomplish it, it is almost certain that you will. Nothing is too hard or too easy, we only need to believe we will.


Scattering your learning like the autumn leaves will only leave you tired and empty. You got to apply the method of practice and repetition over and over again. Once the information sticks, you become unconsciously competent. At this level, the knowledge acquired is super glued in the memory chamber where it can be retrieved any time in any form.

Acknowledgement and apprentice;

Human beings learn faster through appreciation than through punishment and criticism. Appreciate the small progress and eventually you will improve in every area of your studies .


There is a sense in which information sinks deeper into the braid while one is lecturing or generally teaching others. At this level the brain assumes the position of a master and does according to the expectations therein.


The high end of life isn’t knowledge but action. Always be alert to realize the opportunities to apply your knowledge.

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