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Features of Intergrated software development environment


Date Posted: 2/18/2019 2:23:46 AM

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Basically an IDE is a software programme designed with powerful features to aid software writers in software development production.
Early days computer programmers used text editors which lack build in features design to aid specific programming language .
Since the introduction of IDE , Software development process has become effective and quick .Programmers should know the features in cooperated or build in with these IDE Software's and utilize full potential.
Most commonly used and popular IDE Software's include eclipse,netbeans, android studio,visual studio among others.

These features and facilities build in IDEs include;


When writing codes we usually comit errors,even the most experienced programmer at least never miss an error . Therefore a debbuging feature tries to tracks this errors and give respective suggestions to fix them. This helps fix errors in early stages of development. Example wrong Syntax or semantic use .


In early days when programming was done by use of machine language,meaning instructions were directly executed without interpretation. Things have changed today and programming is done by use of high level programming languages .This languages ares designed and mostly resable English language,therefore a computer needs an interpreter to translate into machine language which then can be understood and executive by the computer respectively.compiler is designed to acts as the interpreter.

Custom Code editor

Usually resembles text editors only that it's in cooperated as part of an IDE package therefore designed for specific language.It enables proper code organization, customizable features like background themes to suite programmers preferences.

Code library

IDEs are said to be Intelligent due to the following facts that ; when writing codes,there is automatic code predictions,there is ready codes for reuse example when importing java classes we are usually reusing predefined codes,keywords are also part of

code library.

GUI(graphical user interface) tools

Some IDE softwares like visual studio provide an interface for designing visual graphic components without typing any codes. Appealing graphic interface is achieved by customization.
This refers to the ability to switch from one file tab to another, locating files and tools easily in the IDE.
Being an effective programmer requires more than just programming skills,to ease and simplify the difficult task of software development,its advisable to always identify the best tools you need to get started.

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