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Characteristics of a Profession


Date Posted: 2/20/2019 7:09:30 AM

Posted By: GITARI MITHAMO  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 68


A profession is an occupation which is founded upon specialized educational training for the purpose of which is to supply objective service to others for directly and definite compensation without expectation of business gain.There many professions in the world some of them includes law ,medicine,teaching ,banking and many others.There following is the general characteristics of a profession.

Specialized competence. Professions are established and maintained for the sole purpose of offering special high quality essential services to the members of the wider society. For this to be realized members of the profession must possess special competence which is not possessed by other people who are not members. In this respect there a systematic exposure to specific and technical body of knowledge by those who are members. the profession is an exclusive society distinguished from the rest of mankind by special insight and ability of members.

Theoretical insight. Specialized competence is not enough to qualify one or an organization to be considered one. members of that organization must possess theoretical insight meaning that they must possess supporting disciple of academic access usually by a university degree. Basis of theoretical framework are continually perfected and advanced by research and field experience.

Certification. among others things every profession has established ways and needs of determining and certifying all those who qualify to practice that profession. profession training is usually rigorous and takes some years to complete. the perspective profession must pass an exam set marked and administered by a recognized body or institution so that he can be approved by members of that profession. A candidate will be required to pass this exam for him to be awarded the practicing certificate in recognition of his competence. the professional body does this in order to protect its integrity and reputation.

Code of ethics. Some professions

involves matters of life and death yet others deal with matters of highly confidential nature entrusted to them by their clients. There is need to control the behavior of the members of a profession so that they would not use their special knowledge for evil did. For these reasons a code of conduct is formulated which is a solemn oath of allegiance to the dedicates of the professional practice. It therefore bids the professional conscience to do the right thing even when the employer want him to do it. If the professionals are found engaging in unethical practices the professional organization can withdraw its practicing certificate thereby preventing him from practicing the profession.

Vocation. The professional engages in his work as a life time commitment and a gainful occupation because he derives fair and selfless material rewards from the occupation he is fully dedicated to the improvement of his performance. This makes him a life time students in his own are of specialization.


Every profession in the world is characterized by the above characteristics.For a profession to qualify to be call a profession must therefore set rules and regulation that the members of that profession must follow otherwise if it lacks such rules then it cannot be called a profession.

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