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Pride will keep you from your best


Date Posted: 11/16/2012 2:39:00 AM

Posted By: Joemburuh  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 71

I woke up recently thinking about pride, or to be more spiritual let me call it spirit of pride :-).

Hmmm..I challenged myself with this question, Joe, could you be struggling with pride, and yet be in denial?

I guess that''s a question you ought to ask yourself :-). Speaking to self is important in your spiritual walk. King David spoke to his soul from time to time.

After much thought, I came to a conclusion that I could be struggling with pride :-(.

I know just like me you considered (or consider) those that are doing well in life, and seem not to need your help, are the very ones that are full of pride. Maybe they are individuals you thought will help you to accomplish something in your life, but now they''re nowhere to be found. I''ve been through that myself. People I was so confident will assisting me, suddenly disappeared.

But later on in life I realised I was part of the problem. Pride is so cunning, so deceptive, so merciless. It will isolate you from people that can add value to your life.

I know right now you''ve someone in mind that you''ve not contacted just because he/she appear to be full of pride. Maybe its someone you cleared college with, and now has a good job, or happily married. What if you are wrong, and this individuals are waiting for you to approach them?. What if you''re the one struggling with pride?.

A few weeks ago I decided to ''frustrate'' the spirit of pride :-). I contacted a ''friend'' I have always thought is proud and unapproachable. I had a rude shook, when he proposed he''s willing to help me to accomplish something!!.

So I conclude by requesting you to scroll through your phone book :-), call that person

you''ve always thought he/she is full of pride, that one you''ve concluded he/she wants nothing to do with you. If he/she refuses to give you the attention you need, just know you did your part. He/she is the one that needs help, not you!.

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