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Are you born again and do you still keep the fire burning?


Date Posted: 11/17/2012 8:45:18 AM

Posted By: fly1234  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 15

When i got born again, i remember, i was so excited the first time. There i was, filled by the Holy spirit to capacity and would even read the bible the whole day. I even started to wonder whether it was possible for me to achieve the standards of those old testament mighty servants of God, the likes of prophet Elijah, Isaiah, Elisha e.t.c.

My pastor told me that people "leak", meaning if you heard God's message today, chances are you will not recall that message 10 years into the future. That's why when you attend a powerful summon on a Sunday(for those of us who are not born again), you always think of giving God your heart,2 or 3 days after that, the thought completely disappears from your mind.

I saw that there is need to soak in the word of God at every moment to prevent this leakage, or allow me to say, the rate of filling up ourselves with the word of God should be higher than that at which we are losing it. God tells us that we should meditate upon His word day and night, meaning that He was aware that the cares of this world would quickly leak the word away from our system.

And how do you know that the rate at which you are leaking is high? When you are a born again Christian who feels tired about going for mid-week worship services. When you are a born again Christian who no longer has the zeal to read the bible like you used to do when you first got born again. When you feel like you are missing your lifestyle back then, before you gave your life to God.

I have however learned from Peter, the Apostle of Christ Jesus. Do you remember, he was one

of the most devoted follower of Christ. But what happened? He denied Christ 3 times. He basically rejected Jesus on His face. The episode that ensured after that was the most shocking. Afterwards, i don't know how he got the courage to preach to the Jews and Romans who crucified Christ. He actually stood amidst the people during Pentecost day and preached to them. Even 3000 souls were saved.

In other words, i am saying that we Christians need to be continuously filled by the Holy Spirit, without which we cannot maintain the pace.

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