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What puts off a woman from a relationship.


Date Posted: 11/26/2012 3:23:54 PM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

There are reasons why women feel the urge to walk away from a relationship. These are;

1. Being possesive.
Like men, women do not like feeling like they are suffocating. It is a good thing for a man to be proud of his woman and let the men around know, but it is not great always questioning where a woman is, who she is with or why she did not answer her phone.

2. Too controlling.
Women don''t like feeling like children, which is what a controlling man does. A woman who does not feel free to breathe, work, play or make decisions about her life is a woman who will be ready to quit.

3. Little or no ambition.
Truthfully, a man should take care of himself, know where he is heading and how he is going to get there. A woman needs to feel safe, loved, nurtured by a man who feels good about himself and his life. A man who feels good about himself has clear goals and has a plan that will help him achieve them.

4. Does not pay enough attention.
Women like getting attention from their men, after all this is how a man first shows a woman he is interested in her. Lack of attention makes her feel unloved, a sure way to bring out a drama queen in her. If she does not leave then she might cheat.

5. He does not treat her like a queen.
A sure way to boost a woman''s self esteem is knowing that her man is all about her. He needs to show that he thinks about her by doing little thoughtful things like buying her little treats, calling her often, supporting her dreams and aspirations. Letting her know she is a priority, participating in her life will keep her from being a

drama queen.

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