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How to eat healthy and cheaply in Kenya


Date Posted: 12/12/2012 10:53:24 AM

Posted By: wameyo99  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 345

When it comes to having a healthy and nutritious meal, many Kenyans often think this is a reserve for those with a lot of money. Many people end up eating diets that are not balanced in the name of being broke. Should our health deterioriate just because we have little money? Should we resort to not taking breakfast just because the price of bread has risen?

This article looks at a few ways that you do to help you eat a balanced diet at an affordable price.

1. Avoid eating in hotels
Most people claim that they don''t have enough money to buy food yet they spend over Kshs 100 on a single meal! Do you realize that the food in a hotel has been priced in such a way that the owner gets a profit out of it? Try as much as possible to prepare your own meals at home and if you are a working person then carry some packed lunch. If you can''t avoid eating out, then go to a decent ''kibanda'' that sells food cheaply.

2. Buy your food at the local market.

Food at the local market is often cheaper than food found in supermarkets. This is because that food is often straight from the farms.

3. Get a balanced diet at a cheaper price.

Having a balanced diet need not be very expensive. Many people resort to eating ugali and ''sukuma wiki'' every week just because they cannot afford to buy meat. But who said that meat is the only source of protein? Aren''t beans a source of proteins too? Isn''t ''dagaa'' a source of protein too?

There are very many alternative foods that are a source of protein and they are very much affordable.

Yes, Ugali is a staple food in Kenya, but do you have to rely on

processed maize flour? Why can''t you buy local maize and have it crushed to flour at a posho mill.

While still on the subject of alternative healthy food, who said that bread is the only component of breakfast? Aren''t sweet potatoes and cassava good breakfast components too?

Kenya is an agricultural country that has a lot of nutritious food at affordable prices and people should not live unhealthy lives in the name of food being expensive. We should be able to look for alternative but healthy food. If we can be able to change our eating habits then we will live healthy and longer lives and become more productive in building our nation, Kenya.

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