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Embracing suffering in my life


Date Posted: 12/12/2012 8:14:04 AM

Posted By: warira  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1095

Suffering is something that everyone would not want to go through but it is a common feature in our lives. Every one experiences suffering at one point in their life; be it emotional, physical or physiological. At times we experience it due to our own doing yet at times it is not our fault. For instance if you go through the Bible you will come across many people who suffered without having done anything wrong. Jesus reflects this thought as he was persecuted and crucified in spite of doing good. Job went through intense suffering yet he had been a good and God-fearing person all his life.

There are things that happen in our lives that we never understand no matter how hard we try. At times you may take all the necessary care in doing something yet everything goes amiss, you will find that the good people are the ones who die most. Many of you will ask ‘why?’ but never will you have the answer to this question. We spend a lot of our time, energy and resources in search of the answers, answers that are a mere mirage. Without these answers we live a troubled life as we feel our lives are incomplete. Ironically the search for the answers becomes an additional source of suffering.

What to do? I have asked and most of you will ask. This a double edged sword of a question as it is the most difficult as well as the easiest question as I have come to know. I have found two ways of dealing with it. First I do some soul searching to find out where I have erred. Too much soul searching is not good per se as it can lead to stress. Talk to those around you as

they could help you identify the wrongs that you are not aware of. For instance most Kenyans are going through unwarranted suffering and after much soul searching it was pointed out that it is due to poor leadership. If Kenyans want to alleviate suffering they should not elect back inefficient and incompetent leaders as they are the source of the suffering.

The second method is letting things be, that is if you cannot pin point the source of the problem. This a difficult option most will agree. When you look at Job’s story in the Bible I tend to think that he was of this option. He did not try to run away from the suffering nor question God; instead he chose to endure it and continued to Serve God. For instance if you have lost someone dear to you, do not tire yourself in trying to find out why he/she had to die so soon or why you were deprived of that person. It is God who gives and it is God who takes away. No matter how hard you try you will never get the answers that you seek.

I have learnt that suffering as a negative factor which is supposed to bring out positive things from our lives. This will depend on how one will perceive and act on the situation. It can either destroy or build you . There are many people who have turned their negative situations to positive situations. Asunta Wagura is one person who has successfully done this; she has used her HIV status to uplift others by inspiring them and In living a happy life. Therefore I would say that suffering when accepted brings out our inner strengths that propel us to greater heights. In His word God tells us that He has good plans for us and not plans to harm us; it goes without saying that God will only make you suffer in preparation of the good things to come. At this point I have to say that not all suffering is from God, suffering is also from the Devil. The Devil will make you suffer so that you may lose faith in God and turn away from Him. Whenever you are under such situations it is important to pray as through prayer God is able to help us.

Suffering is inevitable and we should embrace it as part of our lives. Let suffering be your push factor in life but be careful in making your decisions.

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