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How to exude confidence at your workplace: For the timid shy ones


Date Posted: 8/27/2013 5:18:31 AM

Posted By: katelia   Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 102

1. To ensure that you get comfortable with your workmates try and bring up a topic of discussion especially during free times like during lunch hours.This will help you to engage with them freely and by time you'll get used to them.

2. To boost your confidence at the workplace ensure that your working area is well arranged e.g. your desk is in a smart orderly manner with your files and documents well placed. you can even have a tin of candy at your office desk to enhance the glamour, and this you can share with your workmates enhancing good relations.

3. Always dress appropriately. This will exude your confidence. For the ladies ensure you don't wear really short skirts that expose your features to people as this may paint a bad picture of you to your workmates. Am sure none would like to be the bad talk in everyone's mouth around the workplace. As for men a well ironed suit is good to go as it gives the impression of a sharp and focused person.

4. Always ensure that your clothes are clean whenever you are at the work place. Avoid pen marks,food marks and dirt as this may lower your confidence by embarrassing you.

5. Last but not the least always be at an upright posture while at the workplace. Don't walk while slouching, maintain an eye contact always when talking to people as this will exude your confidence.
This are just but a few tips one can use around the work place to enhance your confidence and ensure good relationships among workmates.

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