Kcse Secondary Level Cre Paper 2  Question Paper

Exam Name: Cre Paper 2 

Course: Secondary Level

Institution/Board: Kcse

Exam Year:2011

1{a} Describe the annunciation of the birth of Jesus {10marks}
{b}state the role of John the Baptist in the gospel {10marks}

2{a} Describe the healing of the paralytic in the bible gospel {10marks}
{b}Explain the Christ view of the Sabbath {10marks}

3{a} Describe the healing of the centurion servant {10marks}
{b}state the importance of faith in Christian lives{10marks}

4{a} state the reasons why peter denied Jesus {10marks}
{b}Explain why Judas betrayed Jesus {10marks}

5{a} Describe Christian understanding of marriage as a rite of passage {10marks}
{b}state the importance of marriage in traditional African community{10marks}

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