Cre Form 2 Question Paper

Cre Form 2 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2009


1. Why is the Bible called the word of God (4mks)

2. Identify reasons for translating the Bible into many languages from the original languages (4mks)

3. Giving an example in each case, identify four styles used in writing the Bible (4mks)

4. What promises did God give to Abraham and how did if fulfill them (6mks)

5. Explain the Traditional African understanding of spirits (3mks)

6. Explain the factors contributing to harmony and mutual responsibility in the African community (4mks)

7. Identify the provisions given to Adam by God in the creation stories (4mks)

8. Identify the relationship between human beings and God according to Genesis chapter 1 and 2 (5mks)

9. What moral values can students learn from C.R.E (4mks)

10. Explain the making of the covenant between God and Abraham (5mks)

11. Explain the significance of Baptism as a modern form of a covenant (3mks)

12. Explain the lessons that Kenyam leaders can learn from the failures of the Israelite Kings (4mks)

13. What is the significance of naming in Traditional African Society (3mks)

14. Identify three different modes of worshiping in traditional African society (3mks)

15. Explain the significance of myths in African Society (3mks)

16. Give a brief description of Zachariah's vision in the temple (4mks)

17. Show how narratives about the birth and infancy of Jesus Christ show that he was the son of God (4mks)

18. What was the message contained in the Benedictus (3mks)

19. Give the conditions that Jesus gave to his followers (4mks)

20. Explain why Jesus used miracles in his ministry (4mks)

21. Outline the parable of the unfaithful fig used as brought out in Luke 13:6-9 (4mks)

22. What lessons can one get from the parable of the lost sheep (4mks)

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