Chemistry Form 1 Question Paper

Chemistry Form 1 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2011


Attempt all questions in the spaces provided.

1. What is chemistry (2mks)

a. Explain why the non-luminous flame is preferred for heating (2mks)

b. Name the other type of flame produced by the bunsen burner (1mk)

c. State the condition under which the bunsen burner produces the flame named in b above (1mk)

3. Name the apparatus used to measure the following in the laboratory. (4mks)

i. Volume
ii. Temperature
iii. Mass
iv. Time

4. State the most appropriate method you would use to separate the following mixtures (6mks)

i. Sugar and water
ii. Kerosene and water
iii. Ethanol and water
iv. Ammonium chloride and calcium chloride
v. Sand and iron fillings
vi. Gasoline and diesel

a. What fraction of air is oxygen (1mk)

b. Name the component of air with the largest percentage (1mk)

a. What is rust? (1mk)

b. State the conditions necessary for rusting (2mks)

c. Give any three methods used to prevent rusting (3mks)

a. Define the following terms giving an example of each

i. Acid
ii. Base
iii. Alkali

b. Write word equations for the reaction of hydrochloric acid and each of the following. (4mks)

i. Zinc metal
ii. Sodium carbonate
iii. Calcium chloride
iv. Potassium hydroxide

c. Write equations of the following (4mks)

i. Sodium hydroxide and nitric acid
ii. Sodium hydrogen carbonate and dilute hydrochloric acid
iii. Magnesium metal and sulphuric acid
iv. Magnesium oxide and hydrochloric acid

i. Give the applications of acids (3mks)

ii. Give three uses of bases (3mks)

a. State whether the following are permanent or non permanent changes (4mks)

i. Boiling water
ii. The magnetization of a strip of iron
iii. Decay of organic matter in a compost heap
iv. The heating of copper in air

b. Name two physical measurements that can be used to show that a substance is pure (2mks)

a. Draw and name any two methods of gas collection (4mks)

b. Give an example of a gas that can be collected using the methods named above. Explain (3mks)

9. One way of treating hydrochloric acid spillage from a tanker would be to use a solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate.

i. Explain how this would work (3mks)

ii. Suppose the acid spillage was washed away with water what problems might arise (2mks)

a. Explain the following:-

i. Rain water has a pH of between 5 and 6 (3mks)

ii. Natural water in streams and lakes has a pH of 8 (2mks)

b. State any four types of water pollution, their sources and their effects (8mks)

11. Explain why the reaction between dilute sulphuric acid and calcium metal is not recommended for class production of hydrogen gas (2mks)

12. Write down four general equations to portray chemical properties of acids (4mks)

13. Sulphur is insoluble in water but soluble in toluene (methylbenzene). Iron fillings are insoluble in both but sodium chloride is soluble in water only

a. How can one separate such a mixture so that sulphur is collected but in solution form (3mks)

b. How can crystals of sodium chloride be obtained (3mks)

c. When preparing crystals of salts generally it is important not to heat the solution to dryness. Give any four reasons for this. (4mks)

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