Physics Revision Questions. Question Paper

Physics Revision Questions. 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2011


1. What is the current through a switch in an electric circuit if it takes 6 s for 30 C of electric charge to pass through it?

2. What is the current through a transistor if it takes 1 min for 1 C of charge carriers to arrive at the collector?

3. If it takes 5 J of chemical energy to move 20 C of electric charge between the positive and negative terminals of a battery, what is the PD between its terminals?

4. What PD must be developed across the terminals of a lamp in order for a flow of 0.05 C from one terminal to the other to release 6 J of energy?

5. How much electric charge moves from one terminal of a load in an electric circuit to the other terminal if 50 J of energy is released at a potential drop of 120 V?

6. What quantity of electrons will move from the positive terminal to the negative terminal (effectively) of a battery whose terminal voltage is 1.5 V during the conversion of 1/4 J of chemical energy?

7. How much electric energy is converted into light and heat energy by an electric lamp when there is a potential drop of 3.0 V as 600 mC of charge carriers move from one terminal to the other?

8. How much energy is involved in maintaining a 0.5-A current through a battery for 0.5min if the PD between the battery terminals is 1.1 V

9. How long will a steady 250-mA current have to flow through a flashlight lamp with a 3-V drop between its terminals for 6 J of energy to be transferred to the lamp?

10. What is the applied voltage of a battery in a transistor radio if 13 J of chemical energy is used up in 1 min as the battery maintains a steady current of 24 mA while the radio is operating?

11. What current must be flowing through a load in an electric circuit if energy is being delivered to the load at the rate of 18 J/s with a 120-V drop across its terminals?

12. Assuming perfect efficiency, at what rate is chemical energy being converted in a battery whose voltage rise is 3 V if a lamp connected to the battery draws a steady 150-mA current?

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