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History 121: Selected Themes In Global History Ii Question Paper

History 121: Selected Themes In Global History Ii 

Course:Selected Themes In Global History Ii

Institution: Laikipia University question papers

Exam Year:2017

INSTRUCTIONS. Answer three questions. Each Question carries 23marks

1.What were the causes of the commercial revolution in Europe?
2.Examine the reasons behind European expansion to the rest of the world from the middle of the fifteenth century.

3.Why were the amerindians so easily and quickly defeated by a handful of Europeans fighting in dangerous and completely unfamiliar circumstances?

4.Suggest possible reasons why Africans were deemed suitable for Labour in the American plantations and mines.

5.Who are the indentured white servants? What major obstacles did their type of Labour pose to the mining and plantation economy in new world.

6.Account for the rise and development of new imperialism from 1870.

7.Discuss any one of the following
(i) Indian slave Labour in the Americas.
(ii) causes of the first world War.

(iii) Italian cities and their lead in European commercial development.

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