Butere-Mumias District Mock Examinations Question Paper

Exam Name: Butere-Mumias District Mock Examinations 

Course: Secondary Level

Category: Mock question papers

Exam Year:2007

(Functional Skills)

-Answer three questions only.

- Question 1 and 2 are compulsory.

- In question 3 choose only one of the Optional texts that you have prepared on.

1. Imaginative composition(compulsory)


a. Write a story ending with the words " I wish I had known"


b. Write a story entitled;

"The explosion" (20mks)

2. The compulsory set text

Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye, Coming to Birth.

Using Paulina as an example write a composition on the appropriateness of the title "Coming to Birth" (20mks)

3. Optional set texts

Answer ONE of the following three questions. (20mks)


a. The short story

Macmillan (ed) half a day and other stories.

Using illustrations from Ngugi wa Thiongo's "The martyr" write a composition to justify the blacks dislikes for the white settlers.



John Ruganda- Shreds of Tenderness.

Write a composition on the problems occasioned by civil strife in African countries.
Draw your illustrations from John Ruganda's Shreds of Tenderness.


The novel

Velma Pollard:Homestretch

Brenda faces many problems when she goes to stay with her father in America. Discuss with reference to Homestrech by Velma Pollard.

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