Homescience Question Paper


Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2010

Instructions:Answer all the questions. SECTION A(40MKS) 1.What is the purpose of the inner part of the ear(2mks) 2.Name three fabrics which are weak when wet.(3mks) 3.Give two reasons why white cottons are dried in the sun.(2mks) 4.Give three points to observe when cleaning painted walls.(6mks) 5.Why should clothes be thoroughly rinsed?(4mks) 6.State three signs that show that adolescents have a problem with their physical changes and which make them be unacceptable in the society.(3mks) 7.State three signs that would show adolescents have problem with their hormonal changes and make them unacceptable in the society.(3mks) 8.What causes fainting?(2mks) 9.Name two disease or infections that may be spread by sharing: a)Toothbrushes b)Combs c)Towels (6mks) 10.Give the effect of storing clothes when damp.(2mks) 11.Give two examples of Thermoplastic and Thermosetting plastic for each.(4mks) 12.Enumerate thre e forms of cleaning in the house.(3mks) SECTION B(20MKS) 13.You have been assigned by your aunt to assist in carrying out some household chores.describe how you would: a)Launder a white cotton apron.(7mks) b)Clean a plastic basin used in the kitchen.(5mks) c)Clean a plain wooden topped table.(8mks) SECTION C(40MKS) 14.a)Draw a diagram to show the disposal of waste water from the kitchen or bathroom sink.(4mks) b)Describe four hazards of land pollution to mankind.(8mks) c)Identify four laundry work processes that are harmful to woolen fibres and in each case state the harm caused.(8mks) 15.a)State and explain five general rules to consider when repairing garments(10mks) b)Explain five hygiene practices that should be observed by people handling food during preparation and cooking.(10mks)

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