Form 2 Agriculture Question Paper

Form 2 Agriculture 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2007


1. How does agriculture provide market for industrial goods (3mks)

2. a. State the advantages of shifting cultivation (4mks)

b. What is agro-forestry (2mks)

3. a. What is the effect of HIV/AIDS and ill health on agriculture (5mks)

b. Apart from the above factor, which other human factors influence agriculture (5mks)

4. a. State the factors influencing soil formation (4mks)

b. What are the components of soil (5mks)

c. Differentiate between soil structure and soil texture (3mks)

5. a. State the maintainance practises carried out on the following tools (6mks)

i. Hand saw

ii. Chisels

b. Name three branches of horticulture farming in Kenya (3mks)

6.List four methods of clearing land (4mks)

7. a. Give examples of underground water sources (3mks)

b. List four types of water pumps (4mks)

c. Why is water treated important on the farm (4mks)

8 (a) what is the difference between irrigation and drainage (4mks)

b. How is drainage important as a method of land reclamation (6mks)

9 (a) what are the characteristics of a fertile soil (6mks)

b. How does mono-cropping contributte to lose of fertility by a soil (3mks)

10. State five general characteristics of beef cattle breeds (5mks)

11. a. What are the uses of farm records (6mks)

b. List five types of farm records (5mks)

c. State the importance of health records (2mks)

12. Describe what happens in stage 2 of water treatment

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