History &Amp; Government Paper 1 Question Paper

History &Amp; Government Paper 1 

Course:History And Government

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2006

Time: 2 ½ hours
This paper consists of THREE sections:A,B and C.
Answer ALL the questions in section A,three questions from section B and two questions from section C.
SECTION A (25 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section in the booklet provided.
1.Identify two sources of Kenyan history.(2marks)

2.Name one community in Kenya that belongs to the River-lake Nilotes.(1 mark)

3.State two economic activities of the Abagusii in Kenya during the pre-colonial period.(2 marks)

4.Give one reason which led to the decline of Gedi during the 15th Century.(1mark)
5.Name the type of constitution used in Kenya.(1mark)

6.Identify two peaceful ways of resolving conflicts.(2marks)

7.What is direct democracy?(1mark)

8.Identify two developmental rights of children.(2marks)

9.Name the document which contains the rights of citizens in Kenya.(1mark)

10.Identify one method used by the British to administer Kenya colony between 1920 and 1963.(1mark)

11.State two ways through which European settlers in Kenya were able to get labour force during the colonial period.(2marks)

12.Name two political parties which were formed in Kenya between 1960 and 1963.(2marks)

13.Give one reason why an aspiring candidate for a parliamentary seat in Kenya must be nominated by a political party.(1mark)

14.Give two reasons why corruption is being discouraged in Kenya.(2marks)

15.Identify one national philosophy adopted at independence to promote social justice in Kenya.(1mark)

16.Name two types of local authorities in Kenya.(2marks)

17.Give one example of indirect taxes in Kenya.(1mark)

SECTION B (45marks)
Answer three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.
18.(a) Why did the Highland Nilotes migrate from their original homeland during the pre-colonial period?(5marks)
(b) Explain five results of the migration and settlement of the Highland Nilotes in Kenya.(10marks)

19.(a) What were the activities of the Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA Co.) between 1888 and 1895?(5marks)
(b) Why did the Imperial British East Company rule come to an end in 1895?(10marks)

20.(a) State five problems that faced the early political organizations in Kenya upto 1939.(5marks)
(b) Explain the role played by women in the struggle for independence in Kenya.(10marks)

21.(a) Give five political reasons that led to the colonization of Kenya by the British during the 19th Century.(5marks)

(b) What factors enabled missionaries to carry out their activities in Kenya by 1920?(10marks)

SECTION C (30marks)
Answer any two questions from this section in the booklet provided.
22.(a) What five situations can make a registered voter in Kenya to be denied the right to vote?(5marks)
(b) Explain the rights of an accused person during trial in a court of law in Kenya.(10marks)

23.(a) What is the composition of the Executive Arm of Government in Kenya?(3marks)
(b) Describe six functions of the Civil Service in Kenya.(12marks)

24.(a) What are the units of the Kenya Police Force?(5marks)
(b) Explain five factors which make it difficult for the prisons department in Kenya to work effectively.(10marks)

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