Sale Of Goods Question Paper

Sale Of Goods 


Institution: University Of Nairobi question papers

Exam Year:2011

1.Define a contract of Sale of Goods .Distinguish between sale and agreement to sell.
2.Distinguish between sale and contract for work and material.
3.List and explain the conditions and warranties which are implied in a contract of sale of goods by the Sale of Goods Act (Cap.31) Laws of Kenya.
4.What is meant by transfer of property in goods .Explain the rules regarding:
Transfer of property in specific goods.
(b) Transfer of property in ascertained and future goods.
5.(a) What do you understand by delivery of goods under the sale of goods act,cap 31 of the Laws of Kenya?
(b)Briefly discuss any FOUR grounds that would justify a buyer to refuse delivery of goods agreement.
6.What is the nature of purpose of a lien in a contract of sale of goods?Distinguish between possessory and equitable liens.
7.With reference to a contract for the sale of goods,and in the absence of any special agreement ,when does the property in the goods pass to the buyer?
8.List and explain the remedies for the breach of a contract of sale of goods.
9.When a seller of goods deemed to be unpaid seller?What are his rights?(i)against the goods and(ii)the buyer
10.(a)What are the rights of unpaid seller of goods against the buyer?
(b)Mutiso had sold his car to karanja for sh.14,000 and the car was to be delivered within four days.After two days smith offers Mutiso sh.16,000 for the car which Mutiso was not aware of the previous sale to Karanja.Advise Karanja of his legal rights against(i)Mutiso, and(ii)Smith.
11. List and explain the exception to the rule "nemo dat quod non habet" in relation to contract for sale of goods.
12.Write short notes on auction sale.
13.Explain the rights of the buyer in the contract of sale of goods.

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