English Paper 1 (Functional Skills) Question Paper

English Paper 1 (Functional Skills) 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2007

Paper 1
(Functional Skills)
Oct/Nov 2007
2 hours
You are the chairperson of the creative Writing Club in your school. The club would like
assistance in publishing the winning entry in a recent competition. Write a letter to a
publisher asking them to consider the book for publication. Remember to write through
the head teacher.
In your letter, include the following
? The title of the book and name of author
? A brief description of what the book is about
? Why it is important for the book to be published.
2. Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate
Good conversationalists are not born that way. They 1 ………………………
their skills through patience, preparation and practice 2…………………….. a
long period of time. Some people find it 3……………………. To talk than
others, but do not confuse talk with conservation that is, good conversation.
There are all kinds of conversations, 4 ………………………….. from poor
to excellent. Unfortunately, some of the worst conversations come from those
who find it easiest to talk. 5………………………….the very ease with
which some people talk make them 6……………………… to what they say
and unaware that they may say 7……………………………… much.
It lies within the power of each one of us develop quality in our conversational
ability. However, one has to take some 8……………… you may need to
force yourself to take part in conversations, even though you have
9………………… to contribute at first. If you cannot talk listen. If you
cannot talk, listen. If you don?t understand, ask questions. Secondly, enlarge
your storehouse of knowledge every day. Never let a day go
10………………… without learning something new: talk more with
people; read; listen to the radio; watch television; be more observant of
everything and everybody around you; travel as much as you can; start a
hobby or two develop common interests with friends and classmates.
3. (a) Read the story below and answer the questions that follow
Once upon a time, there lived a young woman who ran away from home to
secretly marry her warrior lover out in the wilderness. The warrior directed the
young woman to a place in the forest where he would meet her. He said to her,
“When you get to a fork along the path take the right path.” Then the warrior went
ahead to await her arrival in the forest.
Downloaded from http://wyzed.blogspot.com
The young woman took off, and when she got to the fork that the warrior had
mentioned, she followed the left path, forgetting which path the warrior had
instructed her to follow.
As the girl walked on, she came upon an ogre who said to her, “ hey, young
woman where are going? Do you have anything to say now that I?m going to eat
you?” the girl answered in song
Not here my dear
Let us go to the water hole
Where you can eat me
And have a drink
Oh my dear warrior, where was it?
And so it happened that this was very bushy country. The ogre led the young
woman on, and when they got to another spot, he said to her, “ I am now going
to eat you here.” The girl broke into song, urging him not to eat her.
They went further, and the young woman kept hoping that the warrior would
hear her voice. As they walked on, the ogre asked the young girl: “ shall I eat
you hear” The girl sang again
Not here my dear
Let us go to the water hole
Where you can eat me
And have a drink
Oh dear warrior, where was it?
But the warrior had still not heard her. When they got to a cave by a river, the
ogre collected branches and leaves on which to place the young woman?s flesh
after he had slaughtered her. When he brought one type of leaf, the girl
objected to having her flesh laid on ordinary leaves preferring the sweetscented
leaves of the Matasia plant. The ogre brought another kind of leaf
nut the girl also rejected it, until eventually the sweet- smelling leaves of
Matassia plant were brought. When the ogre asked the girl whether those were the
right type of leaves, she said: Yes, these are the ones.” The ogre then laid the
leaves down on the ground and lit a big fire. All this while, the girl was
continuously singing the same song.
Just when the ogre was about to jump on the young woman, the warrior suddenly
emerged from the bush. The young woman said to the ogre, “It is now your
skinny flesh that will be laid on those leaves.” The warrior killed the ogre and
placed him on the bed of leaves and took the girl away. And that is the end of
the story.
(Adopted from “a young woman and an ogre” in Oral Literature of the Maasai, by
Naomi Kipury. Nairobi: EAEP 1983)
(i) If you were performing this story, how would you say the words of the
warrior? ( 1 mk)
Downloaded from http://wyzed.blogspot.com
(ii) What could the warrior lover have done to improve on his giving of
directions ( 1 mk)
(iii) How would you deliver the first speech of the ogre?( 2 mks)
(iv) The song is sung for both the ogre and the warrior lover. How would you
perform it to show this? ( 2 mks)
(v) As the story teller, how would you say the sentence: “ just when the ogre
was about to jump on the young woman, the warrior suddenly emerged
from the bush.” ( 2 mks)
(vi) How do you think the audience would react when the warrior lover
arrivers? ( 1 mk)
(b) Identify and number any five pairs of words that are pronounced the same
Plane Mad Plain Mourn
Burrow cat Berry Mud
Bury You Bred cut
Pull Father Pool Ewe
Bread Moan Fool Farther
Further See Full Sea ( 5 mks)
(c) In the words given below, underline the part that should be stressed
(i) suc.cess
(ii) chal.lenge
(iii) ad.vice
(iv) ap.proach
(d) Suppose you were asked to make a speech at a friend?s graduation party. What would
you do to capture the audience attention? (4 mks)
(e) The following is a conversation between a father and his daughter. Identify eight
shortcomings in the father?s listening skills ( 8 mks)
DAUGHTER: (shortly having arrived home from school) Good afternoon,
FATHER: (Sitting complacently in the sofa, reading a newspaper. Looking
up…..) Good afternoon (Resumes reading)
DAUGHTER: (Holding out her school report form) Daddy, I?m excited. My
teacher said I was the best improved. I was………..
FATHER: Oh, you were? Me, I used to be number one. I was absolutely
DAUGHTER: Chemistry has been a particular headache ( now looking at the
report form which she thought her father would want to see), but
this time…….
FATHER: (Stretching his arms, looking preoccupied)
Chemistry for me was particular easy.
Downloaded from http://wyzed.blogspot.com
I never scored anything less than 90%
DAUGHTER: Dad, I was going to tell you that this time…….
FATHER: (Absent minded) by the way, where is your mum?
DAUGHTER: Mum is in the garden picking vegetables. But dad, you?re not
listening to my story. I was telling you about Chemistry
FATHER: You mean you have a story about chemistry? Chemistry is not
about stories. It is hard science.
DAUGHTER: It?s about my improvement……..
FATHER: (laughing) me, it wasn?t matter of improvement. I was always at
the top of the class
DAUGHTER: Daddy, I give up. You?re not listening
FATHER: ( looking surprised) Listening? I heard you: you were talking about
improvement in chemistry, weren?t you?
DAUGHTER: anyway, Dad. Thank you for paying attention. Enjoy your
FATHER: Oh yes, I?m reading an interesting story about politics

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