Geography Form One Question Paper

Geography Form One 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Mock question papers

Exam Year:2012

1. Define the term weather 2marks
2. Define the solar system 2marks
3. Give four proofs that the earth is almost spherical in phase 4marks
4. What is a solar eclipse 2marks
ii.. Using a diagram, explain how a solar eclipse occurer 5marks
5. Give four reasons why it is important to study geography 4marks
6. Name any four elements of weather 2marks
7. What is used to measure the temperature of a place 1mark
8. State three characteristics of the core 5marks
9. Define fog 2marks
10. State conditions favouring development of fog 3marks
11. Show the relationship between geography and the following
i. Mathematics
ii chemistry 4marks
b. State branches of geography 3marks
12. What is the different between meteors, meteoroid and meteorite 3marks
b. Name the two dates of the year when the length of day and might are not equal 1mark
13a. State four effects of rotation of the earth 1mark
b. If the time in nairobi kenya longitude 34 is 16hrs what is the time in accra ghana longitude 0 3marks
c. What is the effect of international dateline 2marks
14. Explain briefly how duration of sunshine is measured 5marks
15a. Differentiate between absolute humidity and relative humidity 2marks
b. Explain factors influencing the humidity of the atmosphere 6marks
16a. State theory which have been advanced to explain the origin of the earth 4marks
b. Explain why the interior of the earth is very hot 5marks
17. Explain how the following factors influence humidity 5marks
i. Temperature
ii. Air pressure
b. State two other factors which influence humidity 2marks
18. Define the term clouds 1mark
b. Explain the process of cloud formation 4marks
c. Distinguish between mist and fog 2marks
19. With the aid of well labelled diagrams, describe how the following are formed
i. Relief rainfall 4marks
ii. Contactinal rainfall 4marks
20. Name three types of fog 3marks
21. What is the name of the instrument used to measure highest temperature 1mark

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