Mathematics Form 1 Question Paper

Mathematics Form 1 

Course:Secondary Level

Institution: Kcse question papers

Exam Year:2012

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1) Factorize the following expressions:

(i) 3px- py +3qx – qy (2mks)

(ii) a²4p + a (2mks)

2. Four bells are set to ring at intervals of 6,8,10 and 15 minutes. If they ring together at 8.00 am , at what time will they ring together again. (3mks)

= 10.00 am

3. The L.C.M of two numbers is 180 and there GCD is 12.
(a) If the two numbers are 36 and x , find the value of x (2 maks)

= 60

(b) Suppose the two numbers in part (a) and another number(y) have GCD of 6 and LCM of 900; Work the value of y.
Y= 150

4. If 9 is added to a certain number, the result is 1 less than 3 times the number .what is the number. (3mks)

5. Work out the following giving your answers as a mixed number in its simplest form. (3mks)
2/5÷ ½ of 4/9 – 11/10
? -1/6 X ?

6. The surface area of an open box of side a,b and c centimeters is given by
A=(2a + c) + ac.,
i)find A if a=40,b=30 and c=20 (2 mks)

ii) Find c if A = 512, a =6 and b =10 (2mks)

7. Solve the following simultaneous equation by either substitution or elimination method. (3mks)
3x + 4y = 18
5x + 6y = 28

8. Express as a fraction (3 mks)

9. Three boys shared some money. the youngest got 1/12 0f it , the next got 1/9 of it , and the eldest got the reminder.
a) What fraction of the money did the eldest receive (2mks)

b) If the eldest boy got shs 330.00 what was the original sum of money? (2 mks)

10. The sum of the interior angles of a regular N –sided polygon is 1080°. Find the size of each interior angle of the polygon ( 2mks)

11. Two pens and five pencils cost shs.120 whereas three pens and two pencils cost
shs .114. Find the cost of eight pens and three pencils.(3mks)

12. Solve (3mks)
3 a + 4 +a – 6 = 5a - 2
3 2 6

13. Find the angle subtended at the center of a circle by an arc of length 11 cm if the radius of the circle is 21 cm. (3 mks)

14. If the area of a squire is 38.44cm², calculate its perimeter ( 4mks)

15. Find the value value of the following using tables.
a) 25.3² (2mks)

b) 223.4² (2 mks)

16. Find the square roots of:
a) 0.235 (2mks)

b) 0.0168 (2mks)

17. use graphical method to solve the following simultaneous equation (8mks)
4x + y =23
3x +12 = 12

18. Use a ruler and a pair of compasses only to constract a triangle ABC in which AB= 4.6 cm, BC = 5.4 cm AND < ABC =75°. Measure AC .drop a perpendicular from B to meet AC at N. Measure BN. Hence calculate the area of triangle ABC ( 5mks)

19.Find the size of the angle of the angle marked a in the figure below (3mks)

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