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How to make money as a university student in Kenya


Date Posted: 7/5/2014 7:47:14 AM

Posted By: constantive  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 483

Our Universities have changed drastically and for one to survive you will need to get a way of making some extra cash, that is if you are coming from a poor background where the parents cannot afford to give you all that you need. Unlike the way they used to be sometimes back, where the government would provide for every student with all their upkeep, nowadays even those who are benefiting from the HELB money find it difficult to cope with life because the life standard has increased, fee has been increased in almost all the Universities, accommodation is not left behind as every student need somewhere to put his head after a long day of studying and so many other challenges.

With all these in mind and many more, I think it is good to try out these simple strategies to make some extra cash while studying.

The following are among the many ways of making money while you are in university.

1. Establish a market within the University and buy popular stuff that students like and can buy. Set your prices ensuring that after sale there's a substantial profit left. Protect your earnings by being cautious about those surrounding you because they may turn out to be your enemies and start robbing you off your earnings.

2. Be innovative in doing what you are dong to retain your customers. Build a good customer relationship ensuring that you sell to them the best quality ever and never sell fake items. In being innovative, try as much as possible to ratify your commodities. Remember the students will buy from you and you only if you provide items no one else have.
Expand your business and get some help so that it can have continuity even when you are away for other purposes.

3. Lastly,

watch out your expenditure. Ensure you never spend more than what is getting into the business. To avoid over expenditure, make sure you have a good record of whatever is happening in the business.

The following is a list of business ideas that you can try out:
1) Photocopying for students at a slightly lower cost than what the locals are charging.
2) You can also do scanning at a cheaper cost.
3) Typing and typesetting of documents like their reports and assignment can earn you a lot of money if the market you have identified is big.
4) One can also do photography especially when students go out for trips. If you are unable to accompany them to such trips then you can loan your camera at some costs.
5) If you have some money in your account then you can offer some soft loans to students especially at that particular time of the semester when you think students have no cash and they need it. This can be done in exchange of something worth the amount you are loaning so that should the student defaults; you don’t need to worry but to sell his/her property.
6) Printing of students works e.g. attachment reports, class works, research projects etc.
7) Selling of valentine cards, birthday etc. at an affordable price.

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