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How to minimize data wastage on android


Date Posted: 6/8/2014 1:14:19 PM

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Sometimes we are nowhere near a WIFI hotspot and we are thus forced to dig into our pockets if at all we have to stay connected. Terrible how these expensive megabytes are wasted even before you complete composing a tweet. Sometimes we even blame our service providers especially if the network is at least in 3G. Ten megabytes is enough to let you tweet the whole day with whatsapp and opera mini running on data. But, the android system powered by several apps will think that their mission and updates are the best things you will ever need. This not only wastes bundles but also wastes your juice.

Below are the top tips to minimize data wastage.

1. Disable background data
Let’s see what the system is doing. This background data can be an excuse to send and receive millions of bytes which costs us money; unless on an unlimited data plan or WIFI, let background data remain off. To switch it off, go to accounts and sync on settings and uncheck background data. Please note that play store is irritated when this check mark is removed.

2. Disable automatic application updates
Play store wishes to keep you up to date which seems not to be a bad thing. But up to date or not, it has no right to waste the only megabyte you have remaining.
Just open play store, tap settings and open the auto update drop down list, select to auto update apps over Wi-Fi only. For more advanced users- you can disable market and Google services auto update as well. You need root rights, install lucky patcher and open the Google play, open menu of patches and there lies disable auto update, same with Google services.

3. Use a third party browser
Mobile device manufacturers do not offer lots of features on their devices just to minimize

resource wastage. The built in browser and apps offer little to no customization. The default browser offers no chance of reducing picture quality, reducing page layout among others. To solve this, install browsers from third parties. Best data friendly apps out there are:
-opera mini next
-uc browser mini
-boat browser
-Firefox’s aurora
After installation, open app and head to settings. There lies the choices to minimize picture quality and also select pages layout. Some browsers like uc browser and opera will even offer page compression to reduce on traffic.

4. Disable useless services.
Sorry to say this tip is for root users. Head over to the play store and download the app ‘disable services’. Open it and allow root access. Disable the services that seem useless, they are pretty obvious in apps. The billing service, update checks, AD services, download services, etc tell me, what is the function of the in-built update check in an app that came from play store? The store updates them right?

5. Install a working antivirus program
Apps like dr.web and AVG comes coupled with AD detecting capabilities in apps. ADS are good because they feed developers but there are some intrusive adware. Apps popping up notifications and also redirecting you to online pages are wasting bundles and annoying you at the same time. When notified of intrusive adware by an antivirus program, delete the app. It’s even wiser to pay for the pro app to get the ADS over with.

6. Install a firewall
Controlling what apps accesses any service on your smartphone demonstrates power. Just find a good firewall from the store and get going. If you are not rooted, avast! and AVG will do the firewall work for you, if you are rooted, apps like LBE privacy guard comes in handy.

Last but not least, always remember to update every single app when on Wi-Fi. It saves you the stress of getting kicked out of whatsapp because of lagging behind as far as being up to date is concerned. Good luck to you!!

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