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Factors that affect students performance in high schools in Kenya


Date Posted: 10/20/2016 6:55:03 AM

Posted By: patrikkk  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 82

Many students do well in primary exams but their academic performance may get poor when they join high school. Many things contribute to this some of which are within the control of the student while others may not be. Such things include:

1) Students background. The background from which a student come from may affect their academic performance. Students from poor background may lack self esteem and be discouraged. If this happens the student may do have thoughts that may interfere with their school work or make her do little on the same which at the end will affect their performance. Students from rich background may fail to care and also be notorious and arrogant. This will of course affect their performance negatively.

2)Lack of school fees. If a student is kept out of class by lack of school fees,he/she may not perform well in exams.

3) Friends. One's friends can affect their performance negatively or positively. Bad company will lead one to engaging in unpermitted activities and miss a lot of class work and consequently performing poorly. If one is however doing the right thing with friends,their class work and performance will not suffer.

4)Disagreements and quarrels with parents. Parents should avoid quarreling with students as much as they can. This is because such causes stress to students thus affecting their understanding ability in class. This may also make them have less or no time to study as they spend time thinking and worrying about it.

5)Teacher-student relationship. The nature if the relationship that exists between a student and their teacher affects how they perform. A student who is close to his or her teacher is able to ask questions and seek guidance from them. Teachers also like helping such students as they realize their potential and will to work. If a student

Is however not social with teachers,they may not realize their problem so as to be able to help them. Such a student may not perform well.

6)Participation of the student in class. A student should actively participate in class by asking and answering questions. This makes one's understanding better.

All these things affects a students performance. Some of them as we can see are within the control of the student whereas others are not. Everyone including the students themselves,parents and teachers are responsible to make sure these petty and dangerous things do not affect the students performance

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