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The right and wrong in relationships


Date Posted: 6/27/2016 9:38:12 AM

Posted By: Alayne  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 808

When somebody says the word relationship the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is a romantic relationship between a man and a woman. This however is a wrong notion since romantic relationships are the most fluid relationships. They are the easiest to lose, easiest to break and they are the easiest to escalate to dangerous situations. A look at Lang'ata women prison and all the law offenders due to love gone bad situations in the media today makes me have one conclusion. It is not wise to invest your whole and all to make a romantic relationship work. Rather build your non romantic relationships more.

Most of us have siblings and cousins. Siblings are the core of our lives. They were there from the start and saw us grow, mature and become who we are today. A sibling is the one person you can be brutally honest with and they will return the favour or is it disfavor. A sibling is always constant. Some are even more fortunate to have close cousins who understand you. A cousin understand the craziness in your family and life. Know what it means to be summoned in your family. They know the good, bad, ugly and in the rare occurrence, they also know the illegal in your nuclear family. It is very hard for somebody else to understand you this much. For this reason family ties should not be severed in the name of dating.

Another group of overlooked set of individual are friends,especially female friends popularly referred to as girlfriends by ladies. There is a set of lies ladies buy that is not only toxic but also stupid. This is the lie that once you start dating/ meet the "dream" guy, it is time to dump your girlfriends. Then after a break up the

lady starts reconnecting with her girlfriends. Mostly the girlfriends are gracious enough to take her back or is it because they are victims of the same problem. The toxic part is when the lady makes the man the centre of her life and the man freaks out. It is a huge burden for most single men to have no personal time and space. This makes the guy start pulling back making the lady feel frustrated. This is how the romantic relationships end.

Lastly a relationship wrong is being frustrated and persevering through the frustration. Kenyan ladies have been told time and again that being female is the same as long suffering. There is a human limit in regards to perseverance after the limit is reached the lady starts degenerating socially. This degeneration is what men all over the world call crazy. Crazy is cyber stalking, following the guy around, needing constant affection, fussing over little things, obsessing over a man, befriending his friends. This craziness is triggered by male aloofness and the instance of the man taking a step back. When the guy starts pulling back the lady takes the wrong road of trying to hold on despite knowing the relationship is over. This holding on manifests in crazy tendencies written above. It is better to accept the end of a relationship as soon as the guy pulls back to avoid being crazy. This will enable the lady have only one problem i.e dealing with a broken hurt. The alternative is dealing with heartbreak and having to get rid of crazy tendencies.

Finally give yourself the front seat in your relationship. Do not be the pushover girlfriend who says yes to everything. Take a stand and stick to it most times. Only let him win sometimes because ; ladies are right most of the time.

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