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Reasons why university graduates in Kenya are not marketable


Date Posted: 12/8/2016 2:00:59 AM

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It is a dream of each parent and a student that one day they will join university and get job on completion of a course. This has been reverse as the job market in Kenya is shifting from university graduates to diploma or certificate graduates. Unemployment in Kenya is becoming real with thousands of degree/master graduates rendered unemployed. This is because of the following reasons.

1.Believe on exams cheating. students nowadays believe that they cannot pass exams without cheating,meaning that during studies they pay little time on understanding concepts that are required in the changing job environment.

2.Absenteeism during lectures. university students does not take lectures serious especially at the beginning and mid of the semester.This makes them miss crucial details taught during the lesson.

3.Failure to participate in class activities. some students pay others to do for them assignments and cat and even exams. This make them lose important details required to fit job market.

4.Inadequate finances. some students are poor and pay fee by themselves. They don't get enough money so they take most of their time in finding fees than concentrating on reading.

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