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Review of Angels Never Die by Laban Erapu


Date Posted: 1/5/2017 8:37:36 AM

Posted By: Alshababe  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 92

Death cannot defeat angels or rather angels never die.Well,death seems to be determined to get this angel called Angelina all to itself. But will it defeat her and put her six feet below the ground? Or will she win this battle and survive to be a death heroine?

Angelina grew up knowing she was the only child and came to find out more than she expected when she was almost fifteen. Born from a nun taken straight out of the convent and a politician for a father seemed to make her a special child right from birth. You could be wondering how the church and politics ever came to such a close relationship.Angelina was to be the sacrificial lamb by joining the convent to become a nun, a vow her mother betrayed. Though she was an angel to her father who named her Angel, she opted to become an angel and not a nun as was expected.

Like daughter like mother,Angel left the convent to enjoy her life as a woman.She decided to live an angelic life that is why I think she earned the name Angelique.Joe her step brother whom she looked for,for a year was her hero.Her two step sisters,Dominique and Veronique were each a third of Angelique meaning they formed a trinity that seemed unbreakable.Though born from different mothers who hated each others guts they never let the fact tear them as sisters apart.

Joe her only brother died on a road accident which left their father traumatized and died six months later after his son's death. The mother Superior Bernadette died a week after ex-husband,leaving the twins orphaned though they had a step-mother.They swore to fulfill what their father had told them to be,that is nuns. They wanted nothing earthly and sinful to do with them and were

married to the church. They even cut family relations and that meant Angel went back to being an only child of her mother, Serena.

Angel got married to a promiscuous man who infected her with HIV virus. Though she did not see the need of living,she had to live for she was expecting a baby. She was now living with a doctor who did research on HIV and AIDS and always encouraged her to live. It was as if God gave her more than she needed though she ran away from being devoted to him.She never told her mother about her HIV status as it was her cross to bear as she had put it.

Dean told her that she would be buried in the internet when she dies so that people from all over the world will pay visits to her profile and that way she will live forever just like an angel. Angelique her daughter was so beautiful that she also wanted her to be a nun.This child would live to be a remembrance of her and therefore she would live through her, becoming an angel.

Life is so precious and each of us is given one chance to live,it is the choices we make in life that make us who we are. Angel made one big mistake of marrying a man she well knew was a womanizer,mistakes always have consequences.But since we cannot undo what has been done,we should draw lessons from our mistakes and see the best in others and also the good in us.

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