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Why the government of Kenya should invest in Higher institutions of learning


Date Posted: 1/10/2017 5:07:03 AM

Posted By: naomimasidza  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 32

The higher institutions in Kenya are purportedly becoming mediocre every single time thousands of students graduate.This is because as statistics has it, most of the graduates are furnished in theory work as opposed to skills.According to the survey conducted by the Inter University Council for East Africa(IUCEA) majority of the students who graduate cannot land or will find it challenging to secure long-term employment in their fields of study.This is really sad and the only way to salvage the incumbent situation is through the government reviewing their policy concerning higher education in Kenya.The lack of skills is a major drawback for employers and they highly prefer hiring expatriates who are likely to do a better job than most of our graduates.Kenya as a developing nation should set its bars of research very high in this institutions as this could propagate very viable industries and savvy technology in the country.

Why are we still having problems in this big higher learning institutions?that is a question the government should pose to itself.One of the major reasons is the inadequate research materials within the different universities in the country.So many students have bright ideas and diverse projects which if guided and later on implemented could do massive for the society and the country at large.Most of the students who come up with this ideas lack funding and the platform to showcase their work,as such they get demoralized and their quest and zeal towards changing the country with their invention stops at that particular point.This is really bad and requires a fast awakening for the officials in the government to ratify their policies concerning this sector and come up with a different and friendly approach of embracing higher learning in the country.

If you look at certain states abroad which have invested in their higher learning

institutions such as Japan,which funded competitive grants to create centers of excellence solely based on their research capabilities.The same also applies to the emerging superpower China.When you intently look at this countries you realize that so much is going on in terms of innovation.Another example is the group of John's Hopkins biomedical engineering students who developed an inject able foam system which stops severe bleeding from a wound in areas where regular clotting agents may not be effective.The following invention would gracefully help the Kenya Defense Forces soldiers in their times of war and relatively save a lot of lives.This are some of the few examples that come as beneficiaries of investing in higher institutions of learning.

If more work can be done like sending some of the people out there to learn new skills and how to go about everything then come impart the same knowledge to students,we are likely to move a thousand steps towards development.It is very unfortunate that some of the graduates move on abroad to widen their horizons,yet according to the standards in the universities here,they are certified as qualified people and released into the world market in their different career sectors. What is even sad about them moving abroad is that,once they enhance their skills they look for employment there and contribute to the economy and improvement of that particular country instead of coming back to Kenya and do the same.So the government of Kenya really needs to do something about this whole situation,because their is a lot of potential lying in the Universities.It can start by piloting the proposed plan in one of the universities then see how it pans out after which the same can be propagated through to the other higher learning institutions in the country.If all the above is done then numerous advantages comes with it,like the country is going to cut down on their borrowing because much will have been done to curb some of the problems like people living in abject poverty.

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