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10 guidelines to surviving the first semester in campus


Date Posted: 11/7/2017 2:17:19 PM

Posted By: Chiry  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 297

For most people, the first semester experience is often punctuated with plenty of wrong turns, enough to ruin the rest of their campus life for the subsequent years. The cluelessness in most things happening around increases the vulnerability of the new students to a falling prey to a variety of negative circumstances. Its quite ironic how these experiences often become the most memorable. As a rule of nature,not everyone hits the ground running. Other people might require a few tips here and there to set them on track. If you'r warming up for that first semester in campus, here are a few tips that might help you cope much better:

1.Define your priorities- for the first time in your school life, no rules or teachers will be on your neck trying to get you to do what is right. There is hardly any routine,unless the ones you personally create. With this much freedom, you need to set your priorities right. This will help stop you from loosing track and venturing into other time-wasting activities.

2. Maintain a good social life- Everyone for himself and God for us all is not one of those sayings that is very popular in campus. Having a poor network of friends and doing a lot of activities on your own is greatly disadvantageous. Also, you will probably meet one of those impossible to deal with, totally difficult roommates. The best you can do is to try your best to create a good rapport with them. You will need them when you least expect, which is why maintaining a good relationship is basic. Decease from the habit of stepping on the toes of everyone who comes your way. Be careful with how you treat others and avoid getting into unnecessary fights and arguments.

3. Keep track of your expenditure.

Who else hates missing a greatly anticipated trip because you already spent the money on something else? Impulsive buying and other unplanned purchases is one of those habits that will cost you a whole lot more than just missing a trip. Minimize your expenses, your savings will come in handy from time to time. You could also try some income generating activities during your free time.

4. Carefully choose your inner circle of friends-remember the maxim 'bad company ruins good morals'? That's twice true in campus. A single bad choice of a close ally could utterly destroy your life. This is because the people closest to you are the ones who influence your decisions to a greater percentage. You therefore need to make prudent choices.

5. Keep your faith intact- maintaining a steady spiritual life when so much is happening in campus might be hard. Difficult as it may seem, your personal relationship with your God is something always worth keeping. Do not be so quick to throw away your beliefs and form new habits.

6. Avoid last minute rushes in relation to deadlines- deadlines are always a wake up call and every student groans at their sight. You never have enough time to submit assignments at all without the deadlines. Waiting upto the last minute to do your assignments gives you an ever hefty experience, not to mention greatly reducing the quality of work submitted. Human minds never work optimumly under pressure. Find quality time to do your assignments.

7. Set clear boundaries- Practising self-control is of great importance especially in a campus environment. A character that can be swayed to and fro will land you in trouble. Having a resonant character and a mind with a clear purpose is greatly recommended. Have limits to how far you can go in terms of various perspectives in your campus life.

8. Don't try too hard to fit in- amongst cohorts of any school setting of any level, there exists various identification groups. The highest in the rank is most admired, mostly due to their peculiar sense of style and many other elements that make them rise above the rest. As you will soon come to realize, being a part of one group or another does not define who you are. Stay in your lane; your worth remains the same irrespective of the group you identify with.

9. Navigate your way around the campus- being in a new environment might be uncomfortable, but even worse is having to walk around with a map or asking for directions from everyone you meet. Spend some time learning your new environment. This can easily be ensured through attending all orientations to familiarize yourself with the environment much faster.

10. Find something worthwile to do during your leisure time- for most students,free time is for watching movies, partying or catching up with a favourite sport. All these activities help relax your mind after a long day or week but are unproductive. They should therefore be done with moderation. Productive activities that nurture you in various facets should be done for the better part of free time. An idle mind is the devil's workshop,so the saying goes. Occupy your mind with positive activities to minimize your chances of taking part in disastrous activities.

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