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Is Pregnancy over 40 dangerous to women?


Date Posted: 7/17/2013 2:38:58 AM

Posted By: jullieflavia  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2188

Children are a gift from the Creator. They bring joy and build happiness in a family. Women expect or anticipate having children of their own. Experts admit that getting pregnant is a natural and not a scientific theory. In this regard, the process and means of getting pregnant concerns natural or biological human body system. The biological explanation though scientific in nature, is not scientifically inferred. If it were so, then no woman would be childless or barren as may be commonly known to some people. With technology and other contemporary issues in the society, some women have chosen or preferred to go to school, set their careers before they later conceive.

There are some known natural ways to get pregnant, especially after 40 when the fertility level of a woman is low. Maintaining a healthy body is imperative in ensuring that your fertility level is boosted. Understanding the ovulation cycle helps a woman identify the best time to get pregnant. You should maximize this knowledge at this time. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body system may introduce some problems. For instance, deficiencies in these components may lead to increased infertility level. At this age, it is also necessary to eat foods rich in healthy fats; avocados, coconut oils, olive oils, nuts and organic eggs among others.

As much as there are some explanations on how to get pregnant at 40 the fertility levels are generally low at this time and women should be keen to follow their system in order to be sure that they are not taking chances. The likelihood of a pregnancy goes down as one grows old. At 40, most women are either infertile or slightly fertile. Avoiding negative or unhealthy living habits helps to bring back the original body in you.

Late pregnancies,

surpassing 45 years of age, may be dangerous. Women who get pregnant at 50 for instance may celebrate after an interminable wait, especially when it is the first pregnancy, but doctors warn that such pregnancies may carry depressing after-effects. Late pregnancies are likely to be associated with high blood pressure and diabetes. Some women may also undergo birth complications. There is the risk of giving birth to a low-weight baby at this time too. Some women also experience pregnancy complications. In others, the risk may raise the probability of a miscarriage or even stillbirths or birth defects.

People’s lifestyles have changed a lot. While majority wait for that chance to get pregnant, other see no reasons to be pregnant. There has been an increasing number in women giving birth at late ages, say 45 and above. As much as they don’t want to talk about it, it is evident that donor eggs are being implanted in women so that they give birth. This only explains how important some women perceive childbirth to be. Majority of them also prefer this late experience because at least they feel that they are in a good position to make parenting decisions. To some, setting a career comes first. This gets them waiting till late, 50s, to settle down and have a child.

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