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Using psychotherapy to manage weight


Date Posted: 5/29/2013 3:59:04 AM

Posted By: Moff J  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 485

Weight management is becoming a critical part of our everyday life. The changing eating habits are making people eat more of fatty foods since they are easily accessible, can be prepared very fast and are much cheaper. The time for exercising the body so as to burn those excess calories is also getting minimal. The pace of living is becoming very fast such that many people are now having weight issues. Therefore there is need for weight management experts to come up with better ways of managing weight for the multitudes. One of the new frontiers that are being used in weight management is psychotherapy.

A psychotherapy weight loss program aims at tuning the mind of a person facing weight issues to adopt an all inclusive approach to weight management. According to an article I came across concerning psychotherapy weight management, the process involves principles of planning what to eat, arranging the environment to support weight loss and daily monitoring. The program instills discipline into a person with regard to what they eat, how they exercise and monitors them daily.

Traditionally, people only focused on dieting and exercising as the means for losing weight. However, this seldom works for long term weight loss and a person finds themselves having retracted back to the old days of poor dieting and little exercise after a short period. As a matter of fact, published studies indicate that dieting alone does not work for long term weight loss. Therefore, to ensure that a weight loss program is administered successfully so as to achieve long term results, one has to incorporate the psychological aspect. This is especially necessary so as to counter the negative side effects of dieting which include depression, anxiety, irritability, obsessive thoughts about food and binge-eating.

Psychotherapy, when used in conjunction with dieting and

exercise, will therefore produce positive results.
The other main advantage of psychotherapy is that it will help the person identify the factors that could be causing the weight gain. These factors are different for different people and it is therefore only logical that each person can manage their weight differently from other people. When a person undergoes the therapy, the weight management experts help them come up with a plan that will lead to a positive outcome with regard to that particular person. The expert will assist the person come up with a nutritional plan and a new relationship to food that will require discipline to follow. Thus, psychotherapy employs an all-sided approach to weight management. It will nevertheless require discipline and daily monitoring as already mentioned.

In conclusion, if you want to manage your weight, try the psychotherapy option. It will give you long term positive results. Make sure that you contact a qualified weight management expert who will carry out satisfactory psychotherapy sessions and help you come up with a plan to manage you weight.

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