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Skin piercing and its health risks


Date Posted: 2/9/2013 11:24:21 AM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

Skin piercing is the penetration of skin with sharp objects for beauty, religion or medical purposes. In the world of beauty, skin piercing involves tattoos, ear-piercing, semi-permanent skin colouring, navel piercing, tongue piercing and so forth. On the medical side it includes acupuncture(an ancient Chinese medical methodology of inserting thin solid needles in the skin), ordinary medical jabs(through use of syringe) among others.

Ear piercing is the most popular body art when it comes to skin piercing and it lies under many platforms like traditional beliefs, religious beliefs among others. In the western world, piercing of one ear has been related with homosexual relationships while in other places like in urban Africa it's a fashion.

Tongue piercing follows world wide after ear piercing and it originated from the Aztec and Mayan cultures. In Aztec, the art is done to honour gods.
Navel piercing originated from Egyptians where it was performed as a sign of ritual transition from the life at earth to eternity but it's now growing all over the world.
Many young folks in Kenya today have embraced these body arts but they should be able to know the various health risks they are exposed to. Not every body artist is qualified for the job and most parlours don't observe health standards therefore exposing their clients to various infections. Below are some of the risks.

1. Tetanus also known as lockjaw. This infection arises when a skin wound comes into contact with a bacteria known as clostridiumtetani which resides in the soil naturally. The bacteria affects body's muscles and nerves which could lead to immature death.
2. Hepatitis B and C. Unsterilized objects used in body piercing could spread hepatitis viruses which are blood borne viruses. It is advisable to make sure your artist sterilizes the needles before piercing your skin or

you might be a victim of hepatitis.
3. HIV/AIDS. This is the most pandemic disease across the world currently. HIV viruses are spread through such needles when they are unsterilized. I bet you don't want to leave the tattoo parlour with an HIV infection.
4. Allergic/toxic reactions. Your skin could react badly to those chemicals which might be chronic leaving you with a lifetime regret because you wanted to add beauty to your body and then you get the opposite.
5. Other skin infections. Skin infections like rashes could originate from such piercings.

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