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Motivation to get you through boarding school


Date Posted: 1/10/2018 1:48:26 AM

Posted By: Ameda  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 52

A philosopher once said, "slow and steady wins the race", years later a man of different standing, disagreed and stated again that he believed focused and steady people stood a better chance of winning races. Whom amongst the two philosophers do you think is right and which one is wrong, the first or the second.....wait! should right or wrong be considered or is it applicable to the situation in this context. i asked my dad this once and he said he wasn't sure but he explained that it depended on the type of race. what do you think?. well i think if the two philosophers were here i would really want to know what type of race they were referring to. but since we are here to discuss high school stuff, lets get over with it. so whether you are yet, are or have experienced this life before like i have in my past i hope this would be beneficial to you in some way.
o according to you, what comes to you the moment you say the word high school, is it a whole new world, a world of competition, a world of new people, just another opportunity to learn, a stage in life, a journey;a tough one, jail. the list of descriptions might be endless, for me i would take all the descriptions to be right, i mean at one point in your life in school you might have felt like your secondary boarding school made you feel left out, deprived, forgotten, so basically, it sounds like you are behind bars for some time, but after some time you get used to the life there and everything becomes normal again, you take your situation to be a stage in life and every one else has to go

through it at some point', this actually always provides some comfort when you realize you are not alone and everyone else feels the same way as you do.until this happens.......

The moment you feel others are more valued by other students and teachers more than you, this actually shows you that there is competition in boarding school. Competition is a natural situation for all human beings since evolution or creation, whatever theory you think suits best the existence of man. The world today has made it so clear that survival is only for the fittest to compete, so if you are not competing you are not winning or losing but you are not part of the race at all, eventually if you are not part of the race the world doesn't recognize you, no recognition means you have no value to your high school, or to the society. so to get back to the race this is what you do.....

To get back you have to show strength, the three E's is the way to go Enthusiasm, Energy, Empathy these are the key factors that should play a major role in your mind, enthusiasm always keeps your mind in the game, and keeps you alert and updated to all situations in your environment and keep in mind when i am talking about the game i am talking about survival in the high school jungle. Psychologically it has been proven that people lose their moral behaviors when in mobs, and for you not to lose yours you have to set your priorities and goals right and in check. Have that consistency and exactness in what you want to achieve, people who are less consistent in what they want for themselves always end up falling for anything, just as it was once stated, if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. If you do not pick your friends carefully you will end up being picked on and by "friends". About the friendship advice i do not have to go through this because i know this discussion between kids and parents is dated to have started a long while back, so tell me your friends and i will tell you who you are. Guys! if you are a high schooler then you are still a child, do not let your short term freedom in boarding school blind you, you eventually will leave for home and your parents will expect results, working hard to get good results is not an option its a must, without good performance you cant be taken seriously in any institution if you go hunting for jobs, if your results are pathetic they wont have sympathy or even empathy for you, believe me i know of people who lose job opportunities which could have led to salaries worth eighty thousand Kenyan shillings, a person earning that is an average social class person, having a slice of bread spread with butter on his table every morning before he or she leaves for work. If you want that kind of life you have to be resourceful and creative in how you deal with opportunities and chances you get coming your way from time to time. Every minute counts, every time you waste with friends adding no value to your time equals years of misery and suffering to your future life.

Okay so when you get to boarding school no matter what happens have a mind set, look for a person who already has the results that you want to achieve, create a mutual relationship, not a dependent one. Don not play small, to mean do not look for short term successes but look for long term goals that will keep you ever busy, and enthusiastic, when you fail you fail because of something you did not know and now you know, learn to learn from you mistakes, mistakes at times come in disguise and you might end up dancing to the same tunes without knowing. So remain positive through out your journey winners and losers travel the same distance though losers give up half way and head back, winners outlast through difficulties and move that extra mile. Who are you a winner or a loser, chose now and stick a bond with the success you long so much to achieve.

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