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How to Master Chemistry in High School


Date Posted: 3/24/2018 3:12:56 AM

Posted By: wanjala willies  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 626

Chemistry Mastery

One of the most scaring subjects at secondary school level is chemistry if you could ask anybody out there. Its basically a threat to students who are basically believers of anything that comes along their way. Having attended one of the best performing schools in sciences national wide,categorically in chemistry I didn't understand differences between the subject,Chemistry,and other subjects like Kiswahili. If I could choose my best subject at high school then i could definitely go for chemistry

I am a chemistry teacher who believes in ability of every student doing better in the subject by simply following the following simple guidelines;

1.Go through the lesson notes immediately the teacher leaves the class before you shift for other activities.This is the clever trick that any student can use to like the subject as it reminds the student of what the teacher just taught in class. Those with poor memorizing ability will built internalizing power and thus during revision it creates logical flow of information as student will be able to recall what the teacher taught, the examples used and relevant illustrations made. This method is best for all students.Thus ensure you attend to all your lessons and actively participate in class to create scenarios that will be lasting and in turn help memorize your ability to understand better.

2.Revision every student is required to have an extra exercise book for revision, the exercise should be used for topical and mixed evaluation tests. This built the student ability to familiarize with the questions, setting pattern and how accurately the answers are to be presented. A good student should use the method on daily basis and present for marking by the subject teacher.

3. Engaging the subject teacher. A good student should be a friend to the subject teacher, this built a psychological liking

to the subject and thus a student may find it easier to dig deeper into the subject as there is a pulling force towards the subject and even doing better to impress the subject teacher.
4 Maximize practical scores. Unfortunately no student can pass chemistry without having done exemplary in practical paper. Its however the easiest part as most questions are structured and thus no student who puts in more effort can fail this paper, its advisable that the minimum score for this paper should be above 30/40. Students are therefore advised to make use of their laboratory resources more effectively.

5. Talk about the subject positively. You are the product of your own mindset. No one will work for their enemies, nobody absolutely! Think positively about chemistry and definitely you will develop a better liking of the subject. Encourage those who are weaker than you and you will built self confidence in the subject.

Remember that 'CHEM IS TRY' keep trying for chemistry until you master it.

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